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A new gap between Belen Rodriguez AND Stephen DeMartino continues to stir up hearing summer 2023. To fuel rumors about the Argentine dancer’s alleged new relationship with Elio Lorenzoni (a friend of Rodriguez, already paparazzi with model on the occasion of the birthday of Ignazio Moser) also shared a recent picture on the Instagram profile of the mother of the former presenter Le Iene.

Belen Rodriguez, holiday with Elio

In the past few hours, Elio’s actual presence in the Rodriguez family has become known. Veronica Cozzani who, through a photo, confirmed the closeness of the entrepreneur and his daughter. Among the photographs of the grandchildren of Santiago and Luna, Marie and her husband Gustavo on the day of the celebration in the garden of the magnificent villa on the island of Albarella, here is also an unexpected image, namely Belen with a child in her arms and not far Lorenzoni who looks at her smiling. In recent days, there have been rumors that the dancer was to be seen in the hospital, where she was to accompany Elio, who has been ill for several days, to receive medical attention. Over the past few weeks, Rodriguez has shared a video featuring the gods. free reindeerwhich was interpreted by someone as a mockery of the former De Martino.

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