Sofa Richie teaches the best that you have and explode the networks You dare to look?


Sofa not only has called the attention in the world of the show would be the daughter of the famous singer Lionel Richieher beauty has allowed him to dazzle on the catwalks of the best diseadores of the world.

Sofa Richie I came to be in the mouth of all after posting a photo where you dare to teach a little more than what you’re used to displaying. The model luci your figure like no and that bast to ensure that the networks are going to burst in minutes.

Richie has shown on repeated occasions that he knows very well how to move with ease, her slender figure, typical of a international model, has also played very well in the world of photography.

Each time an image of yours appears in the networks it is difficult not to call the attention of the public, not anyone has that face that delicate and a body like his, is the models ms stylized. For this reason Sofa has become a trademark of the firms most important in the market.