Sofia Coppola, master of style in her films

THAT Sofia Coppola’s films always leave their mark and become iconic for every generation. Not only for his storytelling style, but also for his trend-setting aesthetic concern.

Finally! We missed Sofia Coppola so much. Not only because we love her films: we love her, her intelligence, her taste, her ability to anticipate certain aesthetics. Try to think about it. 1999 Garden of the Virgin Suicides, we all dressed up as Kirsten Dunst and then dreamers, American teenagers. 2003 Lost in translation hot pink hair, all colors are good thanks to the Scarlett Johansson bob in a little black dress or gray sweatshirt. 2006 Marie Antoinettewe all would like to be like her, dressed up, pomaded, heavily made up and overly romantic. 2010, Somewhere, Elle Fanning in jeans and a T-shirt – that’s all of us. 2013, chic rings: unfortunately, an era of social irritation is beginning, which brings with it too much (too many brands, too many heels, too many cutouts, too much gold, too much ostentation, too much desire for luxury). 2017, Deception and we are again immersed in lace and small flowers. 2020 On the rocks and we dress in men’s jackets and striped shirts.

Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson in Lost in Translation

Kirsten Dunst in Marie Antoinette

Stephen Dorff and Elle Fanning in Somewhere

Rashida Jones in On the Rocks

Sofia Coppola at the door of Venice Priscilla

And finally, here we are today: Priscilla. No queen of the desert but her, the legendary wife of the legendary Elvis himself. Can we bet that sixties dresses, all with bows and brocades, not too mini, pink and other pastel colors will come back into fashion, along with bouffant and false eyelashes? A bit like Miu Miu, who was always inspired by it and constantly inventing new ways. The film, which is currently at the Venice Film Festival and due out around October 27, is based on Elvis and me, Priscilla Presley memoir, 1985. On the big screen, she is Kaylie Spaeny, a stunning twenty-five year old. He, Taz, this is Jacob Elordi (you saw him in Euphoria). We have a curiosity: the clothes are definitely, given that the costume designer is Stacey Battet, he has already made many films with Coppola, but how did Sofia cope with the soundtrack? It would be the easiest thing in the world to just put on an Elvis record. Instead, the foundation that bears his name denies the use of the original songs. There will be works by Phoenix (singer Thomas Mars – Coppola’s husband, Ed) and the Ramones. Indeed mission impossible. We can’t wait to sit in the front row.

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