Sofia Richie is low the pants (and teach this)


It seems that it has caught run-up in this section in pink and that apparently seen, have no intention of stopping. Sofia Richie is that what strip. No longer serves to be the a descendant of a composer with its own name, Lionel Richie, or that your mediohermana is the well-known Nicole Riche, Sofie wants you to know it on its own merits.

The model of time, makes a mannequin, and goodness for it is not lacking. Look a set of frock-coat and trousers with snake print it is not that it is, but if under him are not carrying anythingthe thing looks otherwise. And if you get the point sensual photographic session making as if to take off the pants, Sofia is exceeded.

But as the life of the models is short and the fame must cultivate it every day, Sophia, as he does not want the thing has been having an affair with Scott Disick, that was the boyfriend of one of the Kardashian’s, and in addition is a friend of Kylie Jennerthe relationship ‘Kardashian-Richie’promises promises paragraphs in the tabloids. And as if all this were little, before you begin with Disick spoke of a relationship of the dummy Justin Bieberthat if Sofia was removed Selena or if it was just a trick of advertising. It is clear, Sophia was born for this.

With all this curriculum, it is no wonder the life of excess and luxury of the wannabe-famous it already is. Or to celebrate your birthday in Las Vegas or receive a car James Bond-style, an Aston Martin, as a gift of his 21st birthday. With all this we cannot be astonished that lower pants and don’t get zippers. Everything to follow the first in the ranking, and not going astray.