Sofia Richie on the beach and leaving to see that! Photo with a surprise


For the model Sofia Richie nothing is impossible. In his Instagram is proof that the adventures are what he loves most, without face and wearing very different to other models. This time it was a photo on the beach which made it shake Instagram. It happened!

Sofia has complied with the quarantine until recently. Often capture photographs of their daily activities at home, such as reading, sunbathing, spend time with your pets and enjoy the nature. However, decided to break the rules and risk a little to have day-dreamed on the beach.

The image capture part of the immense blue of the sea and sky, in addition to its characteristic sensuality. With a hat and a bikini dark that allows us to see a delicate manner and it is phenomenal, the model posed using an expression seductive. The followers were left with other option than to fill it with compliments on how spectacular that was shown. It is not surprising that Scott Disick has been sagging immediately with the beauty of Sofia.

Sofia Richie is addicted to bikinis

In an interview Cosmopolitanthe us gave the scoop to be working to have your own line of swimwear this year. In this way, leave aside a little bit of his career as a model, in order to concentrate on his personal business to take advantage of the fame immense that it has. He made it clear: “I love bikinis”.

When I asked the question of how many you have, I was not sure of the number, so he turned to his assistant, asking: Do you like 50 or 60?, which gives us an idea of the fanaticism you have for these garments. On the other hand, Sofia Richie he says that:I feel that my followers are always fascinated by the bikini use. And you have all the reason, it will rain down comments of approval.