Sofia Richie speaks for the first time about how her relationship with Scott Disick


Although during these years Sofia Richie and Scott Disick has tried to maintain a relationship very discreet, it seems that lately the pair is showing more open than ever…

And that is, if days ago Sofia Richie published his first kiss with Scott in networks, has now given an interview to Cosmopolitan where speaking for the first time of her relationship with Scottwith whom she has a age difference of 15 years.

An interview where Sofia opens her heart and confesses that despite the many criticisms and speculations that there has been throughout their relationship these years, she doesn’t care about what people say because he is happy: “I don’t care what other people think. It doesn’t bother me because I am very happy“.

In addition, Sofia talks about how she is trying to become an actress, and speaks openly about the problems of anxiety that I suffered before: “Were panic attacks from zero to hundred caused by stupid things, like not having a water bottle in the car or stay stuck in the traffic“. A problem that as he confesses he has already managed to overcome.

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