Sol Pérez, the Argentine Yanet García, revealed the secret of her photos posing in a mini dress

The host showed behind the scenes of her quarantined productions

The Yanet García from Argentina, Sol Pérez, revealed one of the secrets of the photos she publishes on her social networks. With a video in which she is seen posing super spontaneous in her living room, the host showed behind the scenes of her quarantined productions.

Recently, Pérez shared a photo in her networks where she forgot to hide the detail of her living room. With that involuntary gesture, it was clear that, since the pandemic began, all the photos that the model uploads to her networks are her own productions. In the photo, in which she showed a night look in a black mini dress and high heels, Pérez had forgotten to keep a small pile of clothes that are seen in a corner of the image.

In that photo in which a detail of Pérez’s daily life escaped, the driver posed looking at the camera with both hands on her waist. The photo arose from a session that she herself improvised and of which, now, she revealed behind the scenes.

“ Here is one of my favorites of the week. I always make these videos and then I take a screenshot and have the photos that I upload instantly, “the model said in her most recent publication. ” A little secret, ” she added.