Solidarity initiative of the Cannavaro Ferrara Foundation

The success for the solidarity initiative of the Cannavaro Ferrara Foundation followed a summer format, which included various solidarity bike tours, the “Charity Summer Night” gala attended by 750 people and the “2nd VIP PADEL FCF Nissan Group Tournament”.
The fundraising totaled 45,000 Euros.

A portion of the proceeds will go to “Casa del Sorriso” in Naples, which welcomes families and children to restore dignity and hope in a situation of vulnerability.

The success of the summer program of the Solidarity Initiative of the Cannavaro Ferrara Foundation. An important and ambitious project: fundraising, which totaled 45,000 Euros, and a portion of the proceeds will go to the “Casa del Sorriso” in Naples, an oasis of welcome and happiness for children and families to allow them to have cultural, artistic and There will be sports workshops. The rest will go to other Foundation projects.
Casa del Sorriso, located in the San Pietro a Patierno district, is managed by the CESVI Foundation together with the Il Grillo Parlante Social Cooperative.
The summer event began with a welcome dinner for the guests of the event, by the founders and godmother Maria Mazza, on the evocative terrace of the sophisticated Gold Tower Lifestyle Hotel for an already consolidated format of charitable initiatives enriched in this edition. With a series of bike tours: 3 stages branded TREK and UNION gas and electric, led by Fabio Cannavaro. “Cycling is a mission”: the 2006 world champion and his biker friends, including Tour organizer Beniamino Desiderio, covered several kilometers over three days to raise funds to implement the Foundation’s solidarity projects.
After the “Rome-Naples” and “Naples-Caserta” stages, Fabio Cannavaro and Ciro Ferrara became the protagonists of “Climbing Vesuvius”, starting with a reception in Torre del Greco and the famous Hotel Poseidon.
In between, 750 people attended the “Charity Summer Night”: an exclusive party reserved for the generosity of private donors and partner companies where several VIP guests enliven the grand feast of entertainment, music and entertainment at the Neapolitan Club. They performed: Rosario Miraggio and surprisingly Stevie McKay, Jennifer Lopez’s vocal coach.
Among the guests: Valeria Marini, Amaurys PĂ©rez, Danie Mendez, Mara Santangelo, Fabiola Sciabarrasi, Veronica Maya, Gilles Rocca, Nicola Amoruso, Ciro Caruso, Gigi Di Biagio, Christian Panucci, Luca Altomare, Diego Armando Maradona Jr., Barbara Petrillo and Fabiano Holli Cross. And again, the influencers: Ramona Amodio, Maria Grazia Cerasso, Giovanna Di Donato, Sara Riccardi and Annalisa De Martino.

Finally, the Paddle Club Napoli Centro Sports Center hosted the “2nd VIP Paddle FCF Nissan Center Group Tournament” organized by Simone Barazzotto, in addition to Paolo Cannavaro, Ciro Ferrara and Vincenzo Ferrara: Nicola Amoruso, Luca Altomare, Christian Panucci Were. Gigi Di Biagio, Gilles Rocca, Mara Santangelo and Christian Maggio.
For the record, the paddle tournament was won by the Amoruso-Altomare duo.
Founders’ Declaration: “We are proud to have a new social initiative for the benefit of less fortunate minors. For 18 years we have put our face in front of the Foundation and we do it with pleasure for our area, but we mainly We must thank those who are close to us and who allow us to help others. The support of all guests, friends, athletes, historic donors and institutional sponsors is fundamental.”

In fact, for a great team effort, in support of the project: Nissan Center, Kitten, Otopharma, Johnny Lambs, Givava, Gave Sport, Gold Tower Lifestyle Hotel, Maricon, Lama Optical, Trek, Union Gas & Light, Club Partenoppo and Emotion Maker.

The Cannavaro Ferrara Foundation also thanks everyone who participated in the dining area to please the guests of the Charity Summer Night: Diego Vitagliano, Gino Sorbillo, Pastena, Punto Neve, Ciro Poppella, Di Vivo di Pompei, Cuori di Sfogliatella, Sannio Orti and the Perrella Group.

Thank you Visit also: Top Mail, Energia Social, Else, Barracuda Bike, AD Team Giannini, Alvido Campaniello Gioilli, LTS, K City, Mavis, Gulliver and Full Security.

Finally, thanks to Stefania Avallone, marketing director of the Foundation, Mila Gambardella for event coordination and Maddalena Liardo for artistic direction.

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