Solved the magnetic mystery of the Moon

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  - Sputnik World, 1920


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US scientists have proposed an explanation for the mystery of moon rocks, which contain evidence of a powerful magnetic field that once rivaled that of Earth.

The results of their study, published in the journal Nature Astronomy, show that the ancient Moon could have generated the field thanks to your own magnetic dynamo.

A magnetic dynamo is the effect of a self-generated magnetic field due to the presence of a metallic core (for large planets) rotating in a molten liquid mantle. Researchers at Brown University have shown that, in the case of the Moon, a strong magnetic field could be generated by internal convection caused by giant rock formations passing through the moon’s mantle. This field may not persist for long, but occurs periodically And it has great intensity.

The Moon currently has no magnetic field. Models of the core show that Earth’s satellite is too small and lacks the convective power to produce a constant strong field like Earth’s. This requires intense convective mixing due to the temperature difference between the core and the mantle. On the early Moon, the mantle was not much cooler than the core, so convection was not strong.

As the early Moon’s magmatic ocean began to cool and solidify, rocks containing the minerals olivine and pyroxene sank toward the core, and less dense minerals rose to the surface to form the crust. The titanium-bearing rocks solidified later, but turned out to be denser than the minerals below. Over time, the titanium formations sank into the less dense mantle rock. As each of the clots, up to 60 kilometers in size, reached the core, it gave the Moon’s dynamo a jolt, intensifying convection.

The historic lunar eclipse seen through the eyes of a cosmonaut - Sputnik World, 1920, 11.22.2021

Video: the historic lunar eclipse seen through the eyes of a cosmonaut

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