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SOMA PC Game Download Full Version

Do you like survival horror games? Do you want to face unusual and very dangerous machines that have human characteristics and have just taken control of the research center where they were created? Do you want to fear machines that think exactly like humans, want to kill you and are very dangerous? If so, click SOMA download, play and survive. It should be said straightforward – it is not an easy task, but you still have to do it. If you fail, you’re just going to die, and you don’t want that, right? The most important goal in this game is to save your life, but that’s not the only goal you will have to complete. Your goal will also be to get out of this center and you will no doubt be struggling to achieve it.

SOMA PC Game Download Full Version

Download Now

Soma Download the full version and install it on your hardware to get used to the project of the Swedish studio Frictional Games, known, among others, from such games as Amnesia or Penumbra. Games that are appreciated by many players. Like the games mentioned, Soma is a classic example of a game in which the player’s primary goal is survival. To do this, he must show cunning, dexterity and the ability to fight opponents. In this case, they are machines. Their design, the human qualities they are endowed with and their will to rebel, however, make them deadly. Will you be able to overcome them?

The action of the game takes place in the Pathos-2 facility. It was there that, as a result of unsuccessful experiments, machines with human characteristics rebelled. They took full control of the facility, starting with killing most of the staff. The player is one of the few survivors and must get out of this place safely. An additional problem is the fact that the center is located under water, so it is difficult not only to fight machines, but also the ability to adapt to the conditions in which the game is played. Therefore, new tasks appear before the player, including the need to pay attention to deep-sea water pressure. It is worth remembering, because you can die not only due to the attack of machines. The surrounding water can also kill us.

Game trailer – SOMA

There is no typical pattern of avoiding or running away from a threat in the game. The game is not a simple escape from threats, neutralizing dangers or hiding from them, there are many more possibilities. A player who wants to survive must first learn effective ways to survive in an aquatic environment. The key to survival is also learning how robots behave and reacting appropriately to their actions, as well as the ability to explore the underwater world.

The creators of SOMA survival for download , made sure that the game was associated with the emotions of the player. They were able to masterfully build in her a constant sense of fear. Fear that can limit but also motivate you to fight for your life. One of the methods that did not appear in the earlier titles of the studio is a special form of narration, based on interaction with the environment. The climate of horror and the announcement of unexpected dangers accompanies us practically every moment of the game, which in the case of this game is positive and forces the player to pay constant attention. It makes it easier for him to survive.

An underwater, dangerous world, a center ruled by machines and the need to survive. Do you like such games? Click Soma download , download the game and test your survival opportunities in a world that will not be friendly to you. A world in which he will stay longer is simply death-threatening. Play, act and get out of this world. You will definitely succeed.

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