Some copies of Taylor Swift’s new album contain a Damian Lazarus record.

Having received copies of the Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) records, the singer’s employees realized that they could not listen to country-pop songs, but something really distant as a musical genre.

A comical bug that immediately went viral. What’s happened? Vinyl version of Taylor Swift’s “Speak Now” (Taylor’s Version). was printed incredibly in Wrong Way. Someone at the print shop didn’t notice that they used one side of a master tape from another record project and cut some of the band’s “Soul Vine (70 Billion People)” tenor tracks Cabaret VoltaireFrom Matthew Herbertand other British electronic musicians and producers. In short, anything but modern pop. The question immediately went viral and became famous online thanks to a video by a Taylor Swift fan asking in surprise, “What are those votes?” obviously very far from the style of her chosen one.

The major label involved in the release of Swift’s vinyl album, Universal Music Group, which manages Republic Records.confirmed it the number of incorrect copies of Speak Now is indeed very limited and immediately suggested that fans contact their dealer for a replacement. In fact, an extremely small number of misprinted copies are in circulation today; however, collectors are desperately looking for rarities for sale, creating an unprecedented auction.

But where do the songs accidentally recorded on vinyl come from? After searching through various platforms and carefully re-reading the tracklist, it became clear that they are all taken from Happy Land: A Collection of Electronic Music from the British Isles 1992-1996 Volume 1., originally published by the Upper Board brand. Collection of British electronic music including Black Dog, Ultramarine, Thunderhead, Aphex Twin (as Strider B.) and many more. Damian Lazarus also confirmed this by mocking the fact and stating that his colleagues from the Crosstown Rebels are also working on the compilation.

From his “Upstairs” post, again from social media, he invites his fans to keep an eye on it. “Special issue: we are sure that it will become a rare Discogs classic for years to come». “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)” was released on July 7th.


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