Some fans are critical of Apryl Jones ‘ by letting the kids play on the dance pole, the other to defend


It seems that things are much more relaxed with respect to the holders than those surrounding the stars of Love & Hip-Hop, Apryl Jones Lil Fizz. Right now, Apryl Jones, have the fans and the viewers of the program are divided after she posted a video recently.

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The controversial relationship of Lil ‘ Fizz, and Apryl Jones seem to be over

The relationship between Lil ‘ Fizz and Jones has been very polarizing for the fans and the viewers of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. The couple between the two has been controversial because he was a sweetheart of a long time partner of the band, B2K Lil Fizz, “A”, and the mother of his children. Many of the spectators thought that they were only together for the sake of publicity.

OFF the News, and then published a report that says Lil ‘ Fizz, is leaving the program, presumably, because Jones doesn’t want to be there. The report also said that the producers wanted “the one”, that is to come. A source said the store, “Apryl is not the one you want in the list, and we’re just trying to get it back to the Omarion. As soon as the Fizz is no longer with us.”

A short time after the last season of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood’s, Jones’s, and the Fizz did. At the concert to Instagram, Jones spoke about being single.

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“Let me tell you, this is also because they follow me asking if I’m single, so I’m going to deal with it,” he said. “I’ll always be single, and even when I’m in a relationship with someone. You want to know why? Until there is a ring on the mother of this finger, I’m single as f ** k up! I Really do think that. So, that’s exactly what it is. I’ll always be single until there is a ring on this finger … I’m still single, that I have a case “.

The fans call him a tv personality on the social networks

The video was initially published on the page of the Instagram of the Temple, but it has since been removed. Before you pull it out, the various accounts of the reason for the post, including The Shade, the Room, although the store are also deleted. In the video, Jones appears to be dancing to a song from Afrobeats, while the other two children in the back, playing with a stick at night.

The children have not been established, but, at least, one of them seems to be one of the children of Jones, “the”, which, if not both of them. The video has divided fans on social networks, some of which they have had no problems with it. The others didn’t think it was much of an issue.

One fan tweeted: “Apryl Jones, it was a living playing games, while their little girl was behind her on the stage. I-.”

“Some people just need to be focused on, as you need the air,” said one person who commented on a post on the Instagram for video.

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However, some people have defended Jones. “Kids are kids. There are posts in the parks for children in which the children are playing games all the time, ” he said[e] – person on Instagram. “It’s not like she has to tell you that you should go up to the post. They are not doing anything inappropriate. I don’t think the problem is her, this time it is for all of you.”


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