Some of the strangest and most ridiculous deaths recorded in history

Throughout human history, there have been tragic events that defied logic and understanding. among them, Over time, the strangest and most ridiculous deaths have been recorded.

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On May 14, 2008, the broadcast of the first episode of the TV series completely changed people’s traditional views on death. “1000 Ways to Die” or “1000 Ways to Die” In Spanish, it brings about a way to deprive death of its seriousness and invites people to view it in terms of irony, humor, and even absurdity.

In this case, The show presents true stories or myths about absurd deaths in a satirical way.but they often leave an uncomfortable feeling because they awaken the empathy that arises from everyone’s uncertainty about death and fear of that inevitable day.

If people could choose when and how to die, the choices would likely be very similar. Life is like a lottery, it starts from the moment you are born, and you can only hope that that day comes without too much pain and embarrassment.

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Below, we look at some of the strangest and most ridiculous deaths in Colombian history.

fatal attack

This country can be added to that list because of the tragic and ridiculous deaths that occurred on Friday October 18, 1985 in Bogota.

The incident, which took place on a busy street in the capital 37 years ago due to a series of unfortunate events, is considered one of the most puzzling deaths in the country’s history.

this story is about Man killed after being attacked by a bull’s horns in central Bogotáhe did not foresee that “the light of that fine morning would be the light of his last day.”

It all happened when a truck carrying a bull, which was being prepared for a bullfight in the coming days, overturned in the city centre.

The old truck met with an accident on its way to the Santa Maria Bullring when a stone fell from a car a few meters ahead.

The huge 500kg animal escaped through city traffic and ran towards the Carrera 30, causing panic among passers-by. One of the animals left the group and moved in the opposite direction along Calle 19 to Carrera 8, where it crashed. Facing a building.

that moment, A man in the same building was fatally struck by a bull as he came out of an elevator. on the sidewalk, not knowing that this morning would be his last.

(Fun fact: Unsolved murders continue to occur around the world).

As for historical figures, the stories and myths surrounding their deaths persist largely because the manner in which they died was considered so absurd.


Before Sophocles and Euripides, he was an outstanding pioneer of Greek tragedy. His death, on the other hand, seems straight out of a surreal comedy.

He retired to the outskirts of the city of Gela, probably to meditate or write, when an eagle or vulture, He mistook his bald head for a stone and threw a turtle shell on it. There is a legend circulating in ancient times that an oracle predicted that he would be killed by a projectile falling from the sky.

Pliny the Elder

It can be said that the Roman writer lost his life because he chose the wrong place at the wrong time.

He was at Misenum in southern Italy when Mount Vesuvius erupted in AD 79. In order to help and rescue people on the beaches of the Bay of Naples, and out of curiosity to see the phenomenon up close, he decided to take a boat across the bay. However, After arriving in Estabia, he died from inhalation of volcanic gases.

French bacon

Curiosity killed the cat, or as they say, killed Francis Bacon. The philosopher is said to have tried to test whether cold was good for preserving food.

In his experiment, he decided to go out in the snow and bury a chicken in the snow. Unfortunately, This action caused him to develop pneumonia, which ultimately led to his death shortly afterwards.

Jean-Baptiste Lully

Unfortunately for the French-Italian composer, musician and dancer, best known as the creator of lyrical tragedies and for his close relationship with Louis XIV death from gangrene This was caused by accidentally inserting the baton into his foot while conducting the orchestra live.

Arnold Bennett

In 1931, while in Paris, a waiter warned him not to drink tap water because it was contaminated.

Despite warnings, Bennett ignored him and took a drink, saying there was no danger.. However, he fell seriously ill shortly after returning to London and eventually died of typhoid at his home in Baker Street.

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