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Tijuana BC.- eye life expectancy may be shortened because Excessive use of electronic devices Examples include mobile phones, computers, tablets and other similar devices, says ophthalmologist Valente García de Quevedo Padilla.

He explained, “visual fatigue“It starts to occur in people between the ages of 35 and 40, however.”glued” Looking at screens for long periods of time can cause visual problems.

“It’s a big problem for people if they find that the blue light emitted by their phones can cause sleep disturbances and vision loss, and their eyes can start to dry out.”

he asserted.

electronic boom

García de Quevedo Padilla noted that the rise of these Electronic equipment This condition inevitably develops in most people from adulthood, but it also occurs in babies and teenagers.

The ophthalmologist added The use of these devices must be moderate Serve adults and provide supervision for minors as they have been “accustomed” to looking at screens from a young age.

“If we use these devices, we need to see clearly because they require us to maintain perfect vision at all times, and patients will notice that their vision tires more quickly,” the expert commented.

vision problems

García de Quevedo Padilla said that overall, conjunctivitis cases In the coming fall, citizens will have a mix of cases due to bacterial or allergic components.

“If any vision problems last longer than 30 days, it’s probably not a viral or bacterial infection, it’s usually an allergy problem, and the worst times of the year are spring and autumn, with the latter starting two weeks later,” he said.

He advises people to avoid rubbing their eyes again, wash their face daily and, if necessary, use anti-allergy medications Consult any certified ophthalmologist.

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