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Someone who loves you and shows off you, like Piqué does with Shakira

It is not the first time that Piqué and Shakira share messages of love through social networks. The last, on the occasion of the award achieved by the interpreter of Luck as Latin Pop Artist of the Year at the Awards # Billboards2021.

The Barcelona player wanted to congratulate his wife through Twitter. His words say it all: «You are the best .. super proud of you»

And, as expected, the reactions of the followers of both emerged within seconds. There are many admirers of the couple who celebrate the love and affection that they profess. There are also those who stain «Adolescent love the words of Piqué». But without a doubt, in cadenadial.com we are left with the response of this user who celebrates the meaning of the tweet in this way.

Shakira and Piqué, a couple of 10

Shakira has also shared her love for Piqué and her unconditional support for the player on many occasions. A few weeks ago, before the start of the soccer league and after a goal from her husband, she sent him a message of recognition through the networks: «Very proud of you. Your team, your club, as well as us, your family, we always count on you when we need you the most! ».

The answer by Piqué It did not come through social networks, but through television. It was during an interview on the show
Good morning america when the Catalan launched Shakira a full-fledged declaration of love:

“Every day with her is wonderful from the moment we met. It’s fantastic, I love her very much. She has taught me many things, I remember the first days we met, before we fell in love. She is a superstar, she is known all over the world. I was very young, I was starting my career at that time. We started a relationship that works like a charm, it’s incredible, we have two wonderful children. She still makes amazing songs and I’m still playing soccer, so yes, our relationship is still very strong and precious and I hope it continues until the end of time.

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