Sommer Ray CONFUSED with Addison Rae while delighting fans with a bikini


Sommer Ray, I was ready to have fun in her latest video of TikTok, where the model and fashion designer enjoyed a “beach party” while dancing in bikini pink. But at the beginning, some of his fans thought it was the pump of social media, Addison Rae in the clip instead of Sommer.

However, Sommer Ray seems to not mind the comparisons with Addison Rae ex-girlfriend of your ex-partner.

For this fun video clip, Sommer Ray used the song from the Beach Boys “Surfin’ U. S. A.”, the young man was in the house enjoying, but in its legend, joked that I was on the beach.

In this case, it seems that he was in the house, “FaZe” with the personalities of TikTok. Apparently, everyone brought the beach indoors for a party.

The group had poured sand all over the floor of the room they were using for this party, put on a pair of beach towels, and had a small grill between them. Had some toys of sand scattered everywhere and you could see a beach ball, a beach chair, and an umbrella in the back of the room.

Sommer Ray held an open bag of potato chips Ruffles in one hand, and ate it while he danced, carefree on comparisons with Addison Rae. As the view of the room expanded, it was revealed that there was also a palm tree inflatable in the room and some of the boys working on something outside.

Sommer Ray falls in love in red hot bikini

The star of the social networks he had his long hair combed in two braids and wore a headband that kept the strands loose out of his face. Wearing a bikini top bubble gum pink that highlighted perfectly her curves and tanned.

The bikini that Sommer Ray used for this party on the beach consisted of an upper triangular and simple pants thong with a tie-side. She was barefoot as she danced in the arena and the fans were able to see his bulging booty while giving the back to give it a chip to his friend Jarvis.

In less than 24 hours, the party on the beach in Sommer Ray had been viewed over 2.8 million times. The clip had nearly 520,000 like me and more than 4,600 comments.

“I love the color of your hair that blends well with your tan”.

“I love you, I’m in love”.

“Sommer brought the peach to the beach”.

A lot of the comments were that Jarvis stared out the window, causing the chip to Ruffle not to be what they clearly wanted from Sommer.

Fans of Sommer Ray know that she never stops when it comes to showing their encantps in a bikini. The group gave no explanation of why they organized this party on the beach, but it seems that no one cared while she brags your curves and dance.