Sommer Ray down the pants just enough to see that there!


Sommer Ray acknowledge your part naughtywhich allows you to do follies and out of what is stipulated and is regular, usually to win their party’s fulland that that says that often tie in short to your rebellious side to to avoid problems. Although sometimes nothing is better than the clothing dares to say what it does not do it, a few pants that do not reach the waist it is a good example of this, don’t you think?

Prevent censorship and to encourage their faithful to come closer to look at it but looking for new tricks!… and what’s body with the tracksuit it has seemed to us the most!

Or do is setting trends and that we are disconnected we are the rest?

And the combination with the clothes… I see and judge yourself!

Anyone would think that having tucked the hands in the pockets it is what makes the pants the athlete to get off, not arriving at the waist and let them see that it takes a body and nothing more…

But getting to know Sommer we are confident that the position of the hands it is just the excuse to afford the luxury of not to finish up the pants and so leaving to the view that you are interested in, that part little obedient that he says he is and that once in a while it sees the light!

Will have to be raised combine the elegance of a garment of silk with the informality of sports clothing because it looks good!

Or at least in the body of the model fitness looks great, doesn’t it?

And so the way more simple and simple mannequin get that look, we set and we talk about it, without the need to spend the time to teach and with the wipes that are usually used every day.

Though Sommer never know… because sometimes gives free rein to his most hidden and lets you pick style, then… let’s prepare all the looks!