Sommer Ray gets a few chains between the legs What burning! (VIDEO)


The sexy model Sommer Ray, has left paralyzed surfers with their provocative videos, as the girl fitness just 23 years of age, has become a celebrity of social networks for their topical publications.

Currently the famous Sommer Ray has over 23 million followers on Instagram, and every time you share a new video or photo, manages to impress the users with its charms.

Sommer Ray wanted to consent to this weekend to his fans, and what better than with a video of your workouts. In the video it shows the girl fitness look a flirty attire sporty, even though he did something unexpected that caused the reactions of the users.

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In the video you can appreciate Sommer Ray hanging on a punching bag type drop, such as used by the famous singer Miley Cyrus in the video for “Wrecking ball”. The clip showed the sensuality of the girl fitness.

The famous loves to exercise, because every video that shows his faithful fans leaves them more crazed, as the sexy model likes to pose with daring garments.

Sommer Ray managed to captivate the gentlemen with their occurrences, who do not hesitate to comment the video that went up to his account social Instagram, but on other occasions has unleashed the madness of the users to show some parts of his body with fiery garments.

Sommer Ray turn up the heat with a daring video

The famous model Sommer Ray knows how to call the attention of internet users, because he enjoys entertaining them with his daring publications, where it has shown its enormous attributes.

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