Sommer Ray hides behind the curtain, he opens it and surprises everyone!


Sommer Ray is arch known for wearing in his pictures tiny bikinis, calling the attention for its sensuality overflowing. Exhibits a figure of splendid, showing his extreme care to get a product so impactful. Commits several hours a day dedicated solely to exercise, his routines and strenuous are the foundation of your success. It was not fortuitous to have won the Bikini Open of the united States. Be coaching in the world of fitness and to highlight as it has done so young, has become the darling and one of the most-viewed on digital platforms.

Thanks to her athletic body, Sommer Ray it is one of the influencers most commonly applied in promotion of nutritional supplements refers. Frequently, gives routines full of a hurricane of vitality, resulting of great interest for your fans that do not stop growing.

A few days ago, this goddess of beauty and healthy life is revealed in his account of Instagram behind-the-scenes, wearing his face Barbie with your shocking eye color green.

He left the captive to more than 1 million people with his gaze, amount reflected in facebook likes. In the first image just we appreciate his delicate stamp. For the second, the native of Denver had his own to bring to the fore the unforgettable body that you have. Commented the following in the publication: Always celebrating the parts of myself that confuse people.

Sommer Ray celebrates its 24 million

To achieve a capital sum of 24 million followers on a account of Instagram should not be easy. The instructor more toned and sexy in the moment what has been achieved and continues to grow as the foam.

In the last year, Sommer Ray increased exponentially his followers, betting on your style always. Does not change in search of more, because what is achieved naturally. Without cosmetic surgeries and with the exercise as tip of the spear is winning the battle of the networks. What will be the target for this 2020?