Sommer Ray in the shower. First plane! Impossible not to look there!


Determined to be one of the models most coveted in the virtual universe, Sommer Ray is more sensual and aggressive than ever. You can bet that Eve in the garden of eden looked more clothes for this beautiful girl. Your curves cause failures in digital systems to such an extent that, every time the native of Denver appears in them, cause a total lack of control, because it is impossible to withstand such high temperatures. It is worldwide known that the influencer has a body of scandal and presents it with charm. Even when your DNA play in your favor, physical conditioning is vital.

As a specialist fitness knows that eating healthy food is very important to keep yourself in optimal conditions. The trasnochos were in the past, because their sole motivation is to feel and look stunning, for this way to please their fans who have made it so popular in any part of the planet.

On this occasion, Sommer Ray reappears overflowing by publishing a photograph that you nublara the senses. We see her in an elegant bathroom, modeling a lingerie of black color that fits in a way accommodating to their delirious hips. The flannel of the Rolling Stones above the navel, unveils his flat abdomen tan.

In the picture we can also enjoy their long and wild hair that shapes the beauty of your face, of course, his dazzling green eyes never go unnoticed. It was a strange way to ask your followers in the description: Is there any good recommendation for a television program?. The responses and likes were not lacking.

The series improvised Sommer Ray

Sommer Ray in the search of creating creative content for its 25 million followers, has decided to start a series on IGTV where the public decides what he wants to see his day. A good way of integrating their faithful and fight the boredom that begins to win the game in many households.