Sommer Ray is what gets down there somewhere and he is going to explode! I eye to the photo!


What is. Sommer Ray yes it can be said to itself that it is the indisputable queen of fitness. What began with her mother as a innocent video of both singing and dancing in unison while driving through the typical scenarios that today tends to display the diva-american, now has mutated into one of the walls of Instagram’s most followed by trend, beauty and exercise routines of the world.

Sommer Ray is a celebrity in every rule. And it comes from family, because, as we have said, began its first steps in the world of faranduleo next to his mother, which is also a known youtuber and instagramer (not to the height of Sommer but noteworthy). And is that the gym exercises Shannon Ray are fairly followed and knownas you make it out to be one of the mothers more in the form of the planet, with an enviable figure.

It is in the genes, not in vain his father was a body builder and also has an anatomy sculpted. There are those who even usually compare the lines of Sommer with the Shannon, being the first more natural, but without leaving of side the of the matriarch of the Ray, which are huge. The proof of this are the photos that are usually made together, both in the environment between weights and muscles as on the street.

But the fame of Sommer outpaces the rest of your family. She is known in the clan, and with his newly released 23 million followers, leading the list of the globe of females with bodies chiseled by the routines. And as proof of what you are working your body and its legendary rear of Denverthis series of photos: in which we see Sommer with some leggings ajustadísimos and, in the third, his mobile tucked inside, at a pressure, about to explode by the powerful muscles of your buttocks. Crazy.