Sommer Ray, party… and busting your dress!!!


When you are the queen enough to be up to you to reach out to people. And when you are the queen as Sommer Ray for having the best butt in the world, the best body and millions of fansspecifically nearly twenty-two million followers (21.8), everything is much easier, both to do as seem it. But that is precisely the attraction of this young american woman that has captivated so many for their videos and photographs risqué your awesome body is the protagonist, but also his antics and occurrences, what is more crazy, that they always have thousands of reproductions.

Is legendary his rearnever leaves without focus, but his sense of humor and his way of telling us her day-to-day have also hooked to the largest network of fans with a model of fitness on the planet. In fact, their immediate pursuers in this sense, models as Michelle Lewin or Jen Selter hardly come anywhere close remotely to their influence.

And talk about a difference in millions of people, which is not trivial. One of the features that most draws the attention in Sommer is the relationship between your face angelic and her figure moulded in the gym without touch-ups voluptuous surgical: your curves are natural, and your front, it enjoys of a severe chest and some shoulders, cultured, devoid of surgeries.

At least it is one of the factors that are differential. Also his total lack of scruples lead directly. Between its huge amount of content we have examples in this sense for all tastes, from microbikinis to comedy videos or very sensual. As this next photo Amanda Cerny in which emphasizes the power of women and their empowerment, and does so with a powerful image, demolishing: it looks a ajustadísimo red dress that is bursting at the seams by the muscles of Sommer, especially by their portentous quadriceps, at the same time showing his characteristic lack of fasteners. Do not lose sight of.