Sommer Ray takes the bikini more crazy and daring! summer


See Sommer Ray it serves as a reference of all that is good in the world. The charm that pours out the model with their photos and videos is a good way to isolate themselves from the problems lately in the society are greater A bikini with a design crazy and daring broke the counter on their Instagram and it motivated us to think about what’s coming for the summer.

Blue and beige was the color combination of the bikini with the Sommer enjoyed the beach. The top part of a bathing suit filed a feature mesh quite peculiar, while the lower, bespoke details on the sides in the form of a skirt.

The reach of very few personalities of Instagram are the more than 1.3 million likes he collected his publication. You can say that the beach is the stage that has allowed him to win the heart of the greater number of followers, in addition, is your favorite place to enjoy and clear your mind completely.

With 23 years of age, and much of which to be proud, it gives the impression that the life of Sommer was always perfect, however, also went through hard times in his childhood.

Sommer Ray was a victim of bullying

Until Ray touched him battle it out against the bullying in their student daystold the following of this situation: I dropped out the first year of high school for being constantly hated … being harassed is something that I have never talked much because I feel that it is a cliché.

After this revelation, Sommer Ray gave words of encouragement to those who suffer from similar situations and recommended your app: I want my @fitplan_app not only to get in shape, but to which you embrace the way God made you and you have confidence, and not worry about what people say that hate.