Sommer Ray teaches routines in a bikini during this confinement


The u.s. Sommer Ray it is all a guru of Fitness. Their social networks are a proof that the discipline is one of the attributes larger than possesses. While other influencers are driven insane by the confinement, Sommer has a productive day under the sun.

It is a great motivation to make a home gym. Ray leverages his networks to radiate that good energy, although his routines on this occasion went up the temperature.

As could not miss, the model starts her video with a comic in his face. Gets up and starts to perform the exercise side plank with twists. And although their intentions main were to make the exercise and inform their followers were more pleased with the figure they showed. Wore a little bikini and neon yellow, as if that were not enough, his body toned and tan to highlight.

It is understood that it is necessary to flex and do poses, but it was a scandal when it turned around to continue. The video already has over 2 million views, in the comments you see from proposals of marriage to phrases of appreciation.

The exercise miraculous Sommer Ray

Plank or iron anaerobic it is an exercise very used for being ideal for resistance and exercise many parts of the body. In this case, was a type of plank, where the effort is greater. He settled way side, supporting your weight on your arm bent, while with the other he lifted a dumbbell.

When you do this exercise, Sommer Ray I was defining more your muscles, the abdomen is retained, flat and strong for the effort, in addition, many claim that it is ideal when you want to avoid aches and pains that cause other exercises. One of the more great advantages is that it can be done from home, as it does not occupy special machines, only a dumbbell if you want. A recommendation very well designed to date by this star.