Sommer Ray with a pig on the beach! And look what he does with it


The model Sommer Ray, a native of Denver (Colorado), widely known thanks to the fame that you have generated on their networks, has aroused among their followers the enthusiasm for the physical preparation. With the intention of promoting their style of life, this woman of curves, drawn to the extent, contributes with a large amount of videos on physical training, doing it in a structured way, but at the same time entertaining.

More than 24 million followers impatiently awaiting your tutorials the desire to look as marvelous and full of energy as this extraordinary influencer.

The super star of the digital networks showed a picture where we can see it resting on a carpet of sand, enjoying a bright day at the beach and giving us your look is always seductive. As has accustomed us week after week, your angel face was a poem.

Sommer brings us a framework well-paced that you rarely see in an image of this nature. And is that your head rests comfortably on the body of a small pigup to the point that confused the blonde and long hair of the model with the reposado puerquito. More than 1 million of likes has led to the original image.

Sommer Ray, the entrepreneur of the popularity

This outstanding motivator has also dabbled as an entrepreneur, creating a line of sportswear that is achieving great notoriety. Their clothes are modern, comfortable and with a waist to perfection, have become the craze of the girls they are on the move Fitness. They all want to be seen as authentic celebrity fitness.

Just over two decades, but Sommer Ray already is the darling of much public, even celebrities are impressed when they see your hot body without cosmetic surgery. The title of businesswoman of the popularity each time is better suited to what you do with so many eyes on her. Will await new initiatives business influencer TOP world.