Song of the summer: Bad Bunny, Doja Cat, J Balvin… Our announcers choose the songs of the summer | Music


Sun, beach, vacations, and music. It is the almost perfect combination for millions of people in our country. The summer 2020 promises to be one of the most celebrated by the Spanish and musically it also promises to be spectacular. Prepare your playlist because song of the summer is just around the corner.

Some days ago we told you some of the issues that today top the list of playback on all the major platforms of streaming, but everything can change in a couple of months.

The voices of LOS40 they also have clear which are the candidates to become the queen of our country. What will be the song of the summer by the year 2020 in Spain?

J Balvin – Yellow

The reggaetonero colombian we are pulling out the colors one by one and we are enjoying it. If Pace has already triumphed, its new palette of songs promises to do so in the coming months.

Oscar Martinez: The best album of urban music Colors you have a song that stands out above the others. Their rhythm catchy, its lyrics is easy and that something special to make it a candidate for temón of the summer

David Alvarez: The musical journey through the chromatic range of the latest album by J. Balvin (Colors) has more stops than-interesting thinking in the summer, especially Yellowa topic involving Sky Breaking, Dj Snake and the Afro bros. Heavy artillery to the dance floor, and a melody that is very catchy based on a trompeteo of the most vacilón.

Bad Bunny, Jowell, Randy and Ñengo Flow – Safaera

Oscar Martinez: A video breaking all in all, a funny lyrics and a rhythm impossible to not dance. How in the past few summers, the rabbit evil enters the fight.

Doja Cat – Say So

David Alvarez: The song that’s going to put in the map of the world to this young rapper from north american, it’s like those breezes warm the side of the sea, in other words, a successful summer in power. Retro sound with touches of funk and disco fused with the voice of Doja that seems to levitate over the melody.

Karol G & Nicky Minaj – Tusa

Oscar Martinez: Due to the confinement, the consumption of music on the whole has been paralyzed. In a normal situation it would not be. But today, I think that this topic “will last” well into the summer. This is the theme that has revolutionized the world over the past few months. You can, with a good time keep doing it