Songs created using artificial intelligence will not be accepted for the Grammy Awards.

A few months ago, one of them went viral. song created by a TikTok user, written by him, but recorded in the voices of Drake and The Weeknd thanks toartificial intelligenceAnd there song reopened debate about the use of AIbut according to some rumors, this song was being considered for me. Grammy Award.

Harvey Mason Jr., head of the Recording Academy, denied the rumors, assuring that songs created using artificial intelligence will never be allowed to participate in the competition Grammy Award.

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Artificial intelligence at the Grammy Awards?

Subject‘artificial intelligence Since content creation is already central to the world of film and entertainment, it is one of the main points of the strike being carried out in Hollywood by members of the Writers Guild of America who condemn the use ofAI replace writers and workers. Butartificial intelligence it also affected the world of music and even Grammy Award.

The million dollar question that public opinion has been asking itself in recent months is whether a song created by man throughartificial intelligence can be considered the winner of a much-coveted award, such as a music Oscar. The question arose following rumors that a song created by a TikTok user using AI might be considered for awards.

Artificial Intelligence at the Grammy Awards: The Most Viral Song on TikTok

If you search online for the rapper duo Drake and The Weeknd, you won’t find anything that can be attributed to the two singers and their record labels collaborating. However, carefully searching for a song by Drake and The Weeknd called Heart on my sleeve appears.

This is actually a fictional song created by Tik Tok user known as Ghostwriter977. The lyrics were written by a user, but voices were created using artificial intelligence and they are exactly the same as those of Drake and The Weeknd. The user clearly did not have rights to use his voice, but his experiment demonstrated how easy it is for AI to make content using famous voices.

Artificial Intelligence at the Grammy Awards: The Final Answer

Harvey Mason Jr., head of the Recording Academy, which presents the award each year. Grammy Awardto dispel any doubts aboutacceptance of songs created using artificial intelligence in nominations for coveted awards. And he did this with a video posted on his social media profiles explaining that these are not songs in every way and therefore they will never be taken into account. Including Heart on my sleeve:

To be very clear, Even if the song was written by a person, the vocals were obtained illegally and therefore are not permitted for use by record labels or authors. In addition, the song is not commercially available: for this reason, it does not qualify for a Grammy Award.

He then added that the situation will inevitably evolve and it will continue to evolve the same way.‘artificial intelligence will have more and more place in music, but precisely for this reason Recording Academy will continue to defend human artists: “I take this issue very seriously. We will continue to see changes, the situation is developing very quickly and will continue to change. But the Academy is here to support human artists.“.

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