Songs, the best releases of the week (September 1)

Timbaland, Nelly Furtado & Justin Timberlake – “Keep Up”

After several years of silence, the producer Timbaland returned to work with Nelly Furtado and Justin Timberlake in the new single “Keep Going Up”. An R&B-tinged hip-hop track that brings two of the most sensual voices of the 2000s back together, 14 years after the previous track “Give it to me”.

Duran Duran – “Dance of Death”

Duran Duran

“Dance of Death” this is the new single from Duran Duran which suggests a self-titled 16th unreleased album will be released on October 27. Inside the disc, in addition to new songs, there are also covers of Billie Eilish, Talking Heads and Rolling Stones, as well as contributions from Nile Rodgers and Victoria De Angelis, bassist of Maneskin.

Imagine Dragons – “Children of the Sky (Starfield song)”

A little less than a month after the concert in Rome imagine Dragons they give away new music “Children of the sky”video game soundtrack “Starfield”. The Dan Reynolds-led band is no stranger to gaming collaborations, having produced several League of Legends songs for Riot Games in the past and other singles such as “Enemy” for the Netflix series Arcane.

Kylie Minogue – “Tension”

After the strange summer 2023 anthem “Padam Padam” Kylie Minogue publish “Voltage” from the new album, which will be released on September 22. “Tension” draws heavily on synthpop, 80s disco, 90s house and 00s Eurodance.

Mika – “Se la life”


“That is life” this is a new single in french from Mika, the first of a new album coming out soon. The song was a highly anticipated video on TikTok just a few days ago.

Maneskin – “Honey (are you coming?)”

Maneskin announce single "Baby (will you come?)" and get a 2023 VMA nomination.

“Honey (Are You Coming)” this is the new single from Maneskins, announced live on the evening of Thursday, August 31. The song is an injection of rock’n’roll, which we were accustomed to by a Roman group led by Damiano David. World tour continues, Maneskin nominated for Best Rock at the 2023 VMAs.

Jorja Smith – “Go Go Go”

George Smith publish “Go, go, go”, a new outtake from Falling or Fly, which will be released on September 29 via FAMM Records. It’s an energetic song with a strong indie touch that hints at Georgie’s teenage love for bands like the Jaws, The Kooks and Bombay Bicycle Club. The video for “Go go go”, directed by Amber Grace Johnson, was filmed in Marseille and tells us about the controversy between two lovers, at the end of which George abandons the relationship after her better half betrays her trust.

Emma – “Let’s start from the end”

Emma Marrone – photo by Bogdan/Chilldays Plakov
Emma Marrone – Photo by Bogdan/Chilldays Plakov

“Let’s start from the end” this is the new single from Emma Brown which suggests that the next album from the unreleased “Souvenir” will be released in the fall via Capitol/Universal Music. Since November, the singer will hold 15 special concerts in clubs.

Tiziano Ferro and J-Ax – “We already won”

Tiziano Ferro and J-Ax_cover of the single We Won Always

Tiziano Ferro and J-Ax join forces in new single “We have already won”. This is the first time the voice of “Destinazione mare” has collaborated with J-Axe, who has just reunited with his Article 31. The song “We’ve already won”, written by Ferro, Manuel Rocchi and J-Ax, is produced by Ferro and Marco Sonzini and is hymn of resilience. Tiziano Ferro emphasizes: “We Already Won” is a song that proclaims the value of those who live with their heads down, aware of their fragility, willing to celebrate their flaws as if they were the hallmarks that make us unique and great. Vincent”.

Brunori Sas

Brunori Sas returned from “Life as it is”, produced by Riccardo Sinigallia, part of the soundtrack to the film “The most beautiful century in my life” starring Sergio Castellitto and Valerio Lundini, in theaters from 7 September. Born from the first draft of a feature film script exploring the relationship between the two protagonists, Brunori Sasa’s Life As It Is opens verse by verse of a universal interpretation centered on a man doomed to need at any cost. prolong your life.

Ex-Otago – “With You”

Former Otago band

Genoese Former Otago back with a new single “With you”. It is a celebration of the beauty of a life lived together as the modes of existence flow hand in hand, fording rivers against the current, facing the imperfections and surprises that make life an adventure worth living together to the end. The group will be in clubs in November.

Nicolo Carnesi – “Smash”

Nicolo Carnesi returned from “Smash”, the second excerpt that predicts that his new unreleased album will be out soon. The nemesis of summer hits, the song is characterized by puns and a vintage sound: it is about finding something he thinks is lost but not really lost – his music. Nicolo Carnesi says: “Smash” was a fun way to respond to a state of confusion that was dominated by a sense of missing something important that partly filled my days and my thoughts: my music. The music that I dealt with, that I modeled, with which I communicated so much about myself, was going to evaporate, disappear, leave me. This feeling scared me a lot, a bit like losing a friend who has been with you all your life. So I instinctively did the only thing that seemed reasonable to me, I began to look for it, like a caver, armed with my flashlight, I began to wander, dig, whirl, have fun, surrender to what often happens with music: pure abstraction, detachment. I tried to create an enemy of the summer hits that flood us every year and often leave me feeling like I’ve lost another piece of music that I love so much.”

Angelica – “SOS”

"SOS" Angelica single cover

“SOS” this is the new single from Angelica co-written with Kolkata. The song balances between vintage taste and fresh electronic inclusions, between emotional tension and the desire for lightness, for escapism. Angelica says: “When the water in the sea is deep and cannot be touched, I am afraid of getting lost and being too small for all this sea, then after the first few moments the fear turns into freedom and the desire to have fun and enjoy the ease of swimming. Also in this song, the fear of not being enough turns into a light dance riff, and sos becomes a liberating and elegant “fuck you”.

VillaBanks – “Papaya”

“Papaya” this is the new single from VillaBanks which follows the 2022 album “Sex Festival”. After climbing the charts with “Giochi” and “Caramelo”, the Ravenna-born hitmaker and rapper is currently on tour in Italy with the “Sex Festival Tour”.

Giulia Casieri – “I’m Still Breathing”

Giulia Casieri is back with her new single called “I’m Still Breathing”. A new chapter and a new beginning for the singer-songwriter teetering between Monza and Milan who wanted to talk about his inner rebirth. A song that marks the end of summer, dedicated to those who want to breathe again. “It was the white room that saved me…”, Julia herself tells about the experiences that influenced her, “…a storm room, an unstoppable storm. But it is thanks to her that I am now back. Finally, I’m still breathing.”

Rivera Club – “Mood”

“Mood” this is the band’s second single Rivera Club, a project born in 2020 in the minds of Sicilian musicians Antonio Calandra and Francesco Arena between Italy and Sweden: a mixture of fusion, soul and jazz with a Mediterranean accent, reminiscent of the pioneers of Neapolitan fusion. The song was recorded with the participation of the Swedish singer Delphi and will be part of the album, which will be released in autumn 2023.

Maninni – “Scratches”

“Scratches” this is the new single from Maninni in which he talks about the complicated love of two lovers living in an ambiguous situation: one of them is already in a relationship with the other. The only way to share this love is to run away from everything to face a new life: the main character of the song actually finds herself having feelings for a man while she is with a woman. The message that Maninni wants to convey with this song is that you should believe in real emotions, those that start from within, and you should never be afraid to express your feelings.

Kozhzam – Ronaldo

“Ronaldo” first single chosen on a new path leatherette. This song speaks of separation, of deep malaise. An obstacle that must be faced in order to achieve future relief. A work exploding with elements of jazz and shoegaze, a desperate scream flowing into new romantic riffs, a painful saxophone solo and a melancholy voice, a work of inspired action and emotional storm.

Coy Leray – “Blue Moon EP”

“Blue Moon” this is the new EP of the multi-platinum artist With Leray. After the success of his second album “COI” with over 10 billion streams worldwide, Coi is back with a new project. Coi Leray’s “Blue Moon” EP represents a turning point for the rapper, marking the transition to a new phase of creative maturity.

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