Sony aims to tackle PS5 stock shortage by making more PS4s

Stock shortages continue into 2022.

The first year of launch of a console is always characterized by having problems in the stock, since, being new products, demand is very high and usually cannot be covered by supply. However, the case of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and Series S has gone to more, since other factors have joined the launchsuch as the health pandemic caused by COVID-19 and the shortage of console components.

In this way, the PS5 and Xbox Series stock is hitting stores by dropper, causing with this that many are launched to buy it as soon as they see it, there are even many cases of speculation. However, despite the fact that it was indicated that this problem would have a solution in 2022, everything seems to indicate that it will take much longer, the companies having to look for a solution for their profitability. And it seems that Sony would have opted for a drastic solution.

PlayStation 4 will be produced to make up for the lack of PS5

According to the Bloomberg media, Sony would have chosen to make more PS4s in 2022 to alleviate this problem in the supply chain, since PS5 production is much more expensive and complicated, so that the chips needed for the previous generation console are not so scarce. This was communicated to the production chains at the end of 2021.

It should be noted that this strategy does not consist of launching 15 million PlayStation 4s on the market, but rather is aimed at increasing the rate of production of PS4, which had been declining with the launch of PS5. Thus, Sony would also achieve better deals with its manufacturing partners, which could benefit PS5 production in the future.

It should be added at this point that companies not only face a shortage of components, but also restrictions and limitations arising from the pandemic make distribution difficult, this being another reason for the shortage of stock. We will have to be waiting to see when the next generation consoles can be purchased normally.

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