Sony brings the benefits of the PS5

168 – After a long silence, the sound of it, Sony finally some of the functions and features of the console, unveiled the latest, namely the PlayStation 5 or PS5.

In a video-lecture with the title The road to PS5, Mark Cerny, the architect of the console, some of the advantages that the PS5 describes as follows:

Can play PS4 games

Cerny is proud to mention that the mix console is compatible with more than 100 games in the PS4.

“We saw recently 100 titles, the PlayStation 4 and the top of a ranking based on play time, and we hope, that we can almost all be played when it launched on the PlayStation 5,” said Cerny, quoted from Techspot, on Monday (19/3/2020).

A Similar Xbox-X Series

Based on the exposure Cerny, specifications PS5, apparently, is not much different than their rival, namely the Xbox series X.

This can be seen from the similarity of the use of the processor and GPU custom AMD, uses the architecture of the Zen 2 and RDNA-2. So the CPU which is the same 8-core processor and GPU of a computing power of up to 10.28 TFLOPS.

In addition to the PS5 also features RAM-16 GB SSD-825 GB can be expanded again with the SSD type of NVMe.

The SSD has an important role

In his presentation, Cerny boast sees the ability to SSD from PS5. Based on the input of the developers of the game, to develop Sony, SSD, technology with large bandwidth and read-write speed high.

In fact, Sony claims that their SSD is able to read the data of 2 GB in a time of 0.27 seconds. As a result, you call that the PS5 hardly has the time to load data. The acceleration, is not it?

If PS5 slide?

Love in the presentation that Cerny did not disclose when the PS5 slide is. But some rumors say that the PS5 will appear on the market before a holiday end of this year.