Sony Remove creations Mario in the Dream, After the complaints of Nintendo


Nintendo has been known to be aggressive, when other parties use their IP. Dozens or even hundreds of fangame far, although the project is not monetized at all. This makes the fans to give, you make a fangame ambitious, because the likely “ninja-Nintendo” will come upon you, and to stop the power to the project. The case of the creations of Mario in the Dream, published by Sony this is the last proof of how seriously Nintendo, you can protect your assets.

So Eurogamer, the Creator of dreams with the name of the Pieceofcraft reported, who reports a model of Mario, that Sony has pulled his creation from the catalog of the game. When asked the reason, Pieceofcraft explain, he said an E-Mail from Sony that the decision was made due to a request from Nintendo.

Pieceofcraft can’t change or re-edit your model Mario and other authors ‘ may not download or use the model for his own project. Super Mario 64 HD, a fangame created with the model of the Pieceofcraft for the moment, is still active and playable, but only need to calculate the time before the “ninja Nintendo” go turn off these creations.

Although the dreams to be a sandbox, where the player can’t be creating a remake of a game that was already there, was a popular topic in the gaming community. Probably Nintendo is the enemy, by a fangame that, in connection with their IP in the future, see Mario has the goal of the first current.

Media molecules, the developer of dreams, seems to have guessed, this type is to pass the thing, and from the far-away days has decided that further prioritization of the game “original” are displayed in the catalog of dreams in comparison to the remake, or a fangame with the IP of another studio.

With read other information in relation to dreams together news other interesting about the world of video games, as I, Maulana Muhammad.