Sony Said specifications PS5, Use SSD and AMD processors

176 – A few days ago, Microsoft, the specs of the Xbox console X-series reveal to the public. How to not be outdone, Sony is also doing similar things.

To put the technology company of Japanese origin, open the details and specs of the PlayStation 5 ( PS5).

Through a video live streaming, Sony discuss more about the innards and components on the PS5.

After The Lead System Architect of the Playstation 5Mark Cerny, Sony with is solid-state drive (SSD) as a storage medium. This is in line with the forecasts of some analysts.

The SSD read and write speeds faster than Hard drive (HDD).

He said that on the HDD, the device takes time to read, for 2 to 50 milliseconds, the utilization of a data rate of 50-100 MB. While the use of SSD is more efficient.

According to Mark, the SSD, the performance is 10 times faster than HDD. To read even, a game it only takes 2.7 seconds only.

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“On Hard drivetwo-thirds of the time for the search for the location of the data and the rest of the time for loading the data. The total time of 20 seconds until the game loaded. This is considered too slow,” Mark said.

He also mentioned that the PS5 will be equipped with SSD storage internal storage capacity of 825 GB. This capacity can be enhanced, since Sony offers slots for additional SSD on the device of the PS5.

In addition to Sony also has a USB port that can be used to connect the device with the external HDD.