Sophia Loren’s hairstyle is trending among It Girls and on social networks.

There’s been nothing but talk of the “tomato girl” this summer, a trend that has won over many beauty lovers on social media and focuses on a warm Mediterranean palette with a hint of retro. Apart from the make-up, which is based on timeless red lipstick and tanned skin, the hairstyle is also a fundamental element in the best re-creation of the nostalgic trend. Among the great icons of the past, it is Sophia Loren who inspires the images of “tomato girls” with the famous voluminous hairstyle that has become her hallmark over the years.

Sophia Loren’s hairstyle is glamorous, easy to recreate and has timeless charm. Suffice it to say that it was Pamela Anderson who brought him back into fashion in the 90s, giving him a new personality with her voluminous blonde hair. To achieve the Chochara actress look, simply pull your hair into a soft and natural loose bun that lets the front strands fall over your face. The Sophia Loren hairstyle looks best with medium to long hair, especially bangs or shorter layers that frame the face. This is the perfect hairstyle for all face shapes as it allows everyone to customize it according to their taste and hair type.

The first step is to pull your hair into a very high ponytail around the middle of your head. To create a messy effect, simply tousle the hair on your head so that the hairstyle is less tight. Then we move on to combing the length with repeated movements of the comb. Once you have the desired volume, you will need to wrap the ponytail around the elastic and secure it in turn with another larger elastic, such as a hair tie. If you want to achieve an even more glossy and retro effect after the bun is secured with bobby pins, you can use a polishing and heat protection spray before applying hairspray. Among the stars who recreated the Sophia Loren bun, Sydney Sweeney opted for a wavy hairstyle, while Selena Gomez left the side strands free in her new video “Single Coming Soon”.

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