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Sophie, Meghan Markle’s ‘surrogate’, reveals unknown detail about the Duke of Edinburgh

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Next Wednesday, September 22, a documentary film in the UK that yields tribute to duke of edinburgh, who died on April 9 because of his advanced age. The special, which is titled Prince Philip: The Royal Family Remembers, has the participation of several family members who have agreed to give their testimony. Among them, Sophie from Wessex (56 years old), woman from prince edward (57), daughter-in-law of the late consort and, for many, the ‘surrogate’ of Meghan Markle (40).

The future Duchess of Edinburgh, since it will be her husband who inherits the title of the husband of the Queen Isabel (95) once Charles of England (72) ascending to the throne, it has become more popular within the Crown after the death of Prince Philip. Sophie from Wessex has taken on new roles and, according to the British media, both she and her husband are expected to fill the void left by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Now, the countess has stood out for unveiling a hitherto unknown detail of the Duke of Edinburgh. During the documentary that pays tribute to her late father-in-law, Sophie from Wessex comments that, beyond his well-known love for barbecues, Queen Elizabeth’s husband was a huge fan of food shows. “Cooking is something I love talking to him about. And loves to watch cooking shows. I think Hairy Bikers is one of his favorites, “says Prince Edward’s wife in this special that was scheduled to see the light on the centenary of the consort, a celebration that did not take place since he lost his life months before.

Sophie of Wessex with Prince Edward and his daughter Louise at the Duke of Edinburgh memorial service.

Sophie of Wessex with Prince Edward and his daughter Louise at the Duke of Edinburgh memorial service.


In addition to the testimony of Sophie de Wessex, in the last hours part of the participation of other members of the Crown has also been made known, such as Prince Charles or his first-born, William (39). The words of both, in fact, coincide with the revelation of Eduardo’s wife. “He loved barbecuing and turned it into an interesting art form. And if he ever tried to do it, he would tell me ‘go!’ “, Says the heir to the throne.

Prince William, for his part, reveals the following anecdote about his late grandfather: “In all the barbecues I have been to, the Duke of Edinburgh has been there cooking … We do barbecues and there is no chef, there is no one else. .. Definitely is an expert“.

The prince harry (37) tribute has also participated in this regard. His testimony, however, has focused on another aspect of the Duke of Edinburgh that has marked him throughout his life. “Going to Afghanistan was very practical and he just said, ‘Make sure you come back alive’ … Then when I came back, there wasn’t a deep level of discussion, more than a ‘Well you did. How was it?'” , says the Duke of Sussex. “He was a great listener. He set the stage so that he could share as much as he wanted to share, but he never inquired, “he adds.

The Duke of Edinburgh with several members of his family at Meghan and Harry's wedding.

The Duke of Edinburgh with several members of his family at Meghan and Harry’s wedding.


Those who have not lent their image in this television special have been Meghan Markle and Kate middleton (39), for reasons that are unknown until now. What has been reported is that some of the interviews that will see the light on September 22 were recorded before the Duke of Edinburgh passed away at 99 years of age.

“The filmmakers of the documentary have been inside Buckingham Palace to meet the staff who have worked with the Duke and more details of his life, record his studio, private office and library, to reflect exactly what they were like during their seven decades at the heart of real lifel “have detailed from the BBC.” There heartwarming memories, lots of humor and lots of fresh ideas on the character and legacy of this royal pioneer, “they argue.

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