Soresina: She doesn’t pay for gas, they seal her meter, but she removes the seal

A woman was arrested in Soresin and charged with gas theft.

Gas theft

Carabinieri of Soresina Station Woman arrested for aggravated gas theft local.

On the morning of September 7, 2023, at around 9.30, employees of the company that manages the country’s gas supply turned to the police for help because they discovered the gas was stolen.

The Cremona Carabinieri Operations Center sent a patrol to the indicated location. Soresina who contacted company employees who requested support and who accompanied the soldiers to meter of apartment in a building that has clearly been tampered with, considering that there was already a raid on it in July last year metal debt seal. But the theft of gas took place because the seal was broken be able to open the valve allowing the product to pass through.

Moreover, the meter was spinning, and the current readings were many tens of cubic meters higher than in July, when the valve closed.

Woman arrested

After making sure that the theft of gas had taken place to supply the apartment, the military knocked on the door of the indicated house. He autopsied the woman, who was identified, and the military determined that she, too, was the account holder was closed due to debt and that the premises were gasified because the boiler was working. Technicians took measures to eliminate the interference that interrupted the gas supply to the house, and the woman, given the force used on things in order to break the seal attached to the meter, was arrested for aggravated theft.

She was placed under house arrest until the late morning of September 8, 2023, whenarrest confirmed and the woman was released.

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