Soria (also) vaccinated against hepatitis A and yellow fever

In addition to the new crown virus, there are vaccines. Nearly 600 people are vaccinated each year against diseases unrelated to the coronavirus but potentially equally or more deadly.In general, these diseases are more common in other countries, especially in Latin America and Africa, the destination of citizens living in Soria and who planning a trip abroad. From January to July (inclusive), Soria International Vaccination Center account 452 vaccinations manage. Predictably, if the pace of previous years continues (pandemic brackets aside), the number will be closer to 600.

The largest number of vaccines given so far in 2023 will be against Hepatitis A (243), then yellow fever (118). followed by childhood hepatitis (to a much lesser extent) (31), typhoid fever (27), polio According to reports provided by the committee, (14) and rabies (6).

So far this year they have passed the vaccination center 443 passengers, from which it can be inferred that in some cases they received more than one vaccine. Among the total number of passengers, there are 248 females and 195 males, with an average age of 37. Among them, the oldest is 76 years old, and the youngest is only 1 year old.

this Origin of tourists Soria came to consult in the majority, with 388 people, followed by Madrid with 20 people. Regarding nationality, Spain top of the list Attendance (370), followed by two Latin American countries, Ecuador (18) and Bolivia (16). Also from Gambia (9) and Mali (3). Citizens of Argentina, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Poland and Senegal have also been served.

The reasons given by the vaccinated people for travel are varied: the most important is organizational travel (280), followed by family visits (57), work (23), adventure travel (11) and cooperation (6).


The section states that, in addition to previous records, Soria had used chemoprophylaxis against malaria until July 152.

Last year’s balance at the International Vaccine Center reflects Same pattern as in recent months. quantity 578 people vaccinated and 667 travelers vaccinated. Vaccinations are also mainly against Hepatitis A (241 cases, 2 cases less than the vaccine carried out until July in 2023) and Yellow Fever vaccine (158 cases). Children were also vaccinated against hepatitis (69 cases), meningococcal (8 cases), Japanese encephalitis (7 cases), polio (6 cases) and rabies (5 cases). Out of a total of 667 passengers, there were 359 females and 308 males.

go through Nationality of Passengers ServedSpain tops the list (506), followed by Bolivia (43), Ecuador (32), Mali (10) and Gambia (8). Organized travel (316), family visits (225), adventure travel (44) and work (29) are the types of travel with the highest number of people requiring vaccinations. According to the data of the board, and cooperation, research and adoption.

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