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You (Sheron Menezzes) will totally change its character to a Good result. It was a lover and an accomplice of David (Armando Babaioff), and will be interested to prove that he is a criminal. Even if you give all in a battle with the villain, the Secretary goes on to insist on the show, who is the lawyer really is.

The murder of Philip (Arthur sales) is the most important offense for which the Acr will not be collected, but an expert on the system, the Elevator, the editor will tell you what happened, it was just a bug in the maintenance.

Fabio, Edu, Coutinho), the brother of the dead, it is in the case, that version of it, and they are angry. “You can’t on the playing field! It was David who killed his brother. I was there with him in the Parking lot. He has confessed!”, it will speak to.

“You have no proof and no switch for the De, I am sick and tired of this. I came here for justice, pro-George. For him, in peace. I do that too. But I’m not going to go back to a serial killer who doesn’t exist” and say to him, they add that it will go away on a trip.

“That’s where the Acr comes with a few things and the worst of it is, you want to try again, I’m aware of. Wait. The last attempt was made. Who knows, on the phone, hanging out, and the Acr slide, and if he’s cheating on you?” it will suggest that the character of Sheron Menezzes. There is a connection to the former is, and must confirm that he is to kill, George. But the evil character is the smart one, and desconversará.

“The whole world’s gonna think I’m crazy, don’t you know? For its own sake. Also with the He [Diego Montez] if you already have the idea of catch them up. David, I know that you were that broke, he thought. You want to hit to, the Albert [Antonio Fagundes]. “Admits”, it will ask for the Desk of the-Meadow notes.

With the help of Armando Babaioff desconfiará, that you don’t speak the recording of the conversation, and, nothing. The next day, the line will be displayed on the door of the apartment she has to say good-bye. He will tell you the way that you go, but it will come back to take revenge. It is also important to highlight that the ex-boyfriend was very boring and with this new way to lose as you.

“I’ve changed, Yes, David. E me ferrei with him. But it is the only thing I regret is not being able to fuck with you,” it says. The scenes are scheduled to go on air the next day, the 11th., in the novel of seven in the world.

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