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HERMOSILLO, Sonora.- Due to the fact that the strategies implemented have not achieved the expected results, the State Board of Health adopted stronger steps to avoid contamination of Covid-19 in the population.

The approved measures include sanctions to cases and contacts that are not saved to quarantine for 14 days, prohibition of activities outdoor recreation, the purchase scheduled of food and payment of services using a strategy similar to “hoy no circula”.

The board was headed by the Secretary of Health; Enrique Clausen Iberri, the Delegate of the IMSS Sonora; Edgar Jesus Zitle García, the Delegate of the ISSSTE Sonora; Humberto Aguilar Romo, Director General of DIF Sonora; Karina Zarate Felix, the Delegate of the Mexican Red Cross; Carlos Freaner Figueroa.

Also by the president of the Association of Private Hospitals in the Northwest, Francisco Javier Valdez Real, the president of the Medical Federation of Sonora Sonora; Fermín Frausto Araiza, Brigadier General Cruz Isaac Munoz Navarro, Commander of the IV Military Area and the Altamirante C. G. DEM Ruben Vargas Suárez; Commander of the IV Region of Naval.

Anticipating the worst-case scenario for noise cases Covid-19, the Council planned and projected what that would require in terms of care and infrastructure to cope with the cases by the novel coronavirus in the entity.

The Director of Hospitals Health Sonora, Clement Baltierra, presented the Operational Plan for Comprehensive Health Care and Restructuring the Hospital, which was authorized and contemplated as Plan, use hotels, houses or rooms of the entity as the centers of attention Covid, which will be leased by the Secretary of the Treasury and under the conditions of strict medical safety.

For his part, the Director of Promotion of Health and Prevention of Diseases of the ministry of Health, Gerardo Álvarez Hernández, presented the different scenarios and predictive models for the distribution of risks Covid-19 to the full Council and approved.

He also recommended strongly toughen the measures established in the Contingency Plan, so that when you travel Sonora in phase 2 of the pandemic, the following was approved:

  1. Apply the legal framework and sanctions to cases and contacts that do not qualify quarantine and isolation for 14 days.
  2. Sanctions to people coming to Sonora and do not keep quarantine for 14 days.
  3. Immediate prohibition of all outdoor recreational activities.
  4. Close to parks, squares, tourist attractions and the like.
  5. Cancellation of works in construction (except hospitals, roads and essential infrastructure).
  6. Prohibition of sale of food in tourist places or sites of concentration.
  7. Complete closure of business and industry non-essential.
  8. Schedule the purchase of food and payment for the services by using a strategy similar to “hoy no circula” or schedules, using the credentials of the INE, for example.

These measures were authorized by unanimous vote of the members of the State Board of Health, who urged the competent authorities of the three levels of government for immediate implementation, including the restriction of sale of fuel to vehicles of non-essential activities, and, if possible, to the population in general to reinforce the strategy “Stay at home”.

This proposal was seconded by the Director General of Isssteson, Pedro Angel Contreras, who outlined the need to suspend, ultimately, the sale of beer and alcoholic beverages in liquor stores and convenience stores.

On the other hand, the Director-General of Isssteson proposed to recommend to all and each of the responsible authorities of the three levels of government, abide by the measures applied more proactively and without exceptions.

Due to the projections of the evolution of the epidemic, the State Board of Health also agreed to urge the H. city Councils the implementation of the necessary measures to:

  1. Restrict the movement and/or mobility of the population in the municipalities of the State, based on the characteristics prevailing in each municipality.
  2. Close recreation centers, parks, gardens, public spaces, beaches, fields or places to run or do sports, and in general any public place in the open air.
  3. Implementing checkpoints to deter and decrease traffic.
  4. Close to 100% of the establishments that are not essential. Also the use of helicopters, patrols, and/or any other equivalent means for strengthening the strategy “Stay at home”, through deterrence day and night of citizens in streets and public places.

In response to the request of the Municipal president of Hermosillo, Célida Lopez, which includes enacting the guard-house of the population, the members of the Council authorized unanimously, that in the exercise of the powers of the Municipality are to perform the necessary actions, to restrict and inhibit the 24 hours, the transit of vehicles and people in the city of Hermosillo and all the municipalities in the state.

In its Report of activities Lorena Robles Ruiz, Commissioner State of Protection against Sanitary Risks, to intensify the measures, proposed the full suspension of the hotel operations in tourist destinations during Holy Week and reduce by 90% the hotel activity in all the cities, leaving only 10% of the rooms for medical emergencies and business, this proposal was widely discussed and approved unanimously, which calls upon the Secretariat of Economy and the State Committee on Tourism for its implementation.

Finally, the State Board of Health made a urge you general to all sectors of society to be aware and take responsibility, since in the predictive models presented follows that of not abide by the provisions for preventive maintenance, there is the risk that the pandemic becomes uncontrollable, affecting the health of thousands of sonora, and even jeopardize his life, as has happened in other countries that have acted irresponsibly.

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