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“Soups are preparations that embrace and pamper”

They are the inevitable dish on the table of many countries in the world. And Ecuador is no exception. The climate and fertile land They offer a diversity of products to make the most diverse soups. “It is the greatest expression of affection and the nostalgia for the flavor is in the family memory and the home, there is no region, nor occasion to eat one, from the most modest to the most special. They are preparations that embrace and pamper, ”says Lojano chef Édgar León.

The culinary expert and, in addition, researcher, has registered a total of 4,754 soups in Ecuador, being surpassed only by China with 8,000 soups.

Determining that statistic took León more than 15 years of work, traveling and ‘savoring’ the country, and also counting recipes, he accumulated 780, of which 54 they consist in his book ‘Soups, the identity of Ecuador’, a publication that ranked second in the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in 2014.

It reveals that the Costa and Sierra is where there is the greatest amount of this stew; while in the Amazon region there is less variety. “Soups are parentally inherited and adaptable to the creativity of each cook or culinary interpretation, for example, some like it more spicy, others less spicy, and others without spiciness.”

He confesses that his favorite is green balls; its nostalgic soup, the mestizo repe, and his international favorite, the Lobster Cream that he ate in Cuba, for being a velvety cream and with lobster medallions that harmonize perfectly with bread and butter, he assures.

Our soups, says the Ecuadorian gastronomic ambassador, have become international. “Even before the pandemic, in the Ritz hotel in Paris the poultry soup with orange and hishpingo perfume or cinnamon flower. With the migration of Ecuadorians to the world, I consider there are many recipes that are in the families of Spaniards, Italians, Americans, etc. ”, says León vehemently, who cooked in the White House for the former president Barack Obama and his wife Michelle, and has delighted the taste buds of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, among other celebrities.

The chef has registered a total of 4,754 soups throughout the Ecuadorian territory, being surpassed only by China with 8,000 soups.

In 2018 carried out in Spain the launch of the fifth edition of the book ‘Soups, the identity of Ecuador’. He aspires to carry out the sixth, and to make it happen he is looking for sponsors.

In his new book It will include other preparations such as fresh peanut soup, pickle soup, smoked meat soup, etc. “I am in anthropological research.”

Her favourite: “Ball soup is very magical and the filling always surprises: pork, beef, chicken, shrimp, seafood, shells, cheese, etc. It is a strong and very rich dish ”.

Born in Loja.

Before being chef wanted to be a priest.

Philosophy Studies; Hotel and Kitchen at Le Cordon Bleu.

He is a brand ambassador and continues in the investigation.

Is writing another book of soups and recipes.

Appointment: The Ecuadorian American Chamber of Commerce, the Ibero-American Business Women Association, Bright Minds of Ecuador for the World, appointed him an international gastronomy ambassador.

  • For a good soup: Refried beans, herbs and chili, essential

The keys to achieving rich Ecuadorian soups lie in the refried, the base or base and the herbs that perfume and give it that appetizing and characteristic color. “They are as varied as the farms or the products that are grown in each area and their great variety of microclimates that Ecuador has privileged and blessed us in each of the country’s regions.”

The perfect companion or pairing? A chili with the different preparations that in Ecuador are harmonized with seeds, herbs, spices, smoked, vinegars, among others.


The cooks of yesteryear say that when the potato locro of the Andes became very famous, the jealous women of the Ecuadorian Pacific told themselves that “we have to put our own thing on that locro because, if not, the serranitas will take away our husbands! ! ”. This is when the seductive and virile shrimp were incorporated into the locro.

Ingredients for 8 people

700 g of peeled shrimp, deveined and cleaned, 40 g of fry, • 350 ml of shrimp stock, 15 ml of lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste.

preparation: Marinate the shrimp with the sauce and lemon juice for 20 minutes. To the traditional preparation of the locro add the shrimp stock once the potatoes have released their starches. Continue cooking until the potatoes are soft. Add the shrimp, boil for 6 more minutes and serve.

Suggestion: Accompany with rose vinegar chili and ají manaba.

This dish is a traditional dish of Lojan food. With soft and exquisite flavors that please locals and foreigners, but because it has its history and evolution.

Ingredients for 8 people

8 units of silk banana or green mouse, finely diced, 600 g of chola potato finely chopped, water or milk to taste, salt and pepper to taste.

preparation: Add the potato to the base of the white rep, cook together with the green. Add the amount of water or milk according to your preference. After 15 minutes of cooking, beat very well with a grinder and continue cooking until it takes on a creamy consistency. Add the grated cheese and chopped cilantro. Serve on a plate and accompany with agauactae, chopped fresh cheese.

Suggestion: Serve with sambo pepa chili, tomato chili with chives and stone chili.

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