South American Qualifiers: Chile vs. The Argentine National Team already has a confirmed referee

The Brazilian, an old acquaintance for local football, especially for River and Independiente, led the Albiceleste twice. Know their controversies and antecedents.

Anderson Daronco - Referee

The South American Qualifiers heading to Qatar World Cup 2022 they will return to the ring on Thursday, January 27, by date 15, and at this point the Argentina Selection you already know the referee to visit chili at the Zorros del Desierto stadium, in Calama, located about 2300 meters above sea level.

It’s about the Brazilian Anderson Daronco, an old acquaintance for Argentine soccer, especially for River and Independent because he did not collect a penalty from Javier Pinola on Martín Benítez at the Monumental, for the return of the quarterfinals of the Copa Libertadores 2018.

Daronco will be assisted by his compatriots Fabricio Vilarinho Y Rodrigo Figueiredo, Meanwhile he fourth official will be Flavio rodrigues. At VAR, the actions will be in charge of Rafael traci Y Pericles Bassols.

Anderson Daronco’s background with the Argentine National Team

Goalless draw in Asuncion


Goalless draw in Asuncion

For South American Qualifiers, Daronco led in two chances to Argentina Selection, that never lost. The first time was in the win 3-1 in view of Ecuador, by the last date of the classification heading to Russia World Cup 2018, and then he was in the goalless draw against Paraguay (10/7/21), also as a visitor, in the current edition.

The outlook for chili is completely different, since does not have antecedents under the arbitration of Daronco, who in these Qualifiers participated as three matches and took out nine yellow cards.

Who is the referee Anderson Daronco

Anderson Daronco

Born on January 5, 1981, in Santa María, Brazil, Daronco made its premiere in the highest division of your country in Jan 2009, at Gaucho Championship, and in October 2014 became FIFA referee.

From there, he began to stand out and the following year he was consecrated as the best judge of the Brasileirao. In addition, he debuted in the South American Cup and later, in 2017, did the same with the Libertadores Cup. However, lately his career was overshadowed by some mistakes.

In addition, the judge also directed the meeting between Uruguay Y Ecuador, corresponding to date 10 of the current edition of the Qualifiers, which generated a lot anger in the team that Gustavo Alfaro directs for some decisions, What do not expel Nahitan Nández after a foul on Gonzalo silver and a alleged unsanctioned criminal offense of José María Giménez on Michael Estada.

Why the referee of Chile vs. the Argentine National Team is “the strongest in the world”

Beyond his performances on the court, Daronco has taken all the looks for his imposing physique. With 188 centimeters tall and around 90 kilos in weight, the judge is characterized by his worked physique that he shines in every match, for which he has come to be known as “the Brazilian Pitana“and earned the curious nickname of being the strongest referee of all.

Anderson Daronco’s controversial arbitration in Copa Libertadores 2018

River, the VAR and two years with many controversies


River, the VAR and two years with many controversies

The referee gave justice in relevant parties, but many remember him for a unusual penalty that was not charged in the second leg in the quarterfinals between River and Independiente, by Copa Libertadores 2018, who would later win the Millionaire 3-1.

In that episode, Javier Pinola slipped into the area and knocked down Martín Benítez with an iron on the knee, from Red, but neither the judge nor the VAR sanctioned an infringement.

The day Anderson Daronco stopped a match in Brazil for homophobic chants

The referee of Vasco da Gama-San Pablo stopped the game due to homophobic chants


The referee of Vasco da Gama-San Pablo stopped the game due to homophobic chants

On August 26, 2019, in the duel between Vasco da Gama Y Saint Paul, for the tournament Brazilian, there was a particular situation. For the first time in a match, the referee decided to interrupt the match due to homophobic chants.

The people of Vasco began to sing to him “time of viados“(Marico’s team …) to the São Paulo team and Daronco stopped the game and warned that it would not resume until the chants stopped..

The decision helped to set very important precedents to begin to eradicate homophobia from the field of football

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