South Korea equates Covid-19 to seasonal flu

South Korea to equate Covid-19 risk category with seasonal flu As reported this Wednesday (23 August 2023), from 31 August the special hygiene measures will be lifted and the pre-pandemic normal will be restored.

South Korean health authorities announced the decision after the outbreak. The number of infections will decrease for the first time Within two months in the Asian country last week.

“The spread of Covid-19, which began in the fourth week of June, has recently slowed and decreased, and The overall quarantine situation tends to be stable” Jee Young-mee, head of the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency (KDCA), said in a statement collected by local agencies yonhap news agency.

Asian countries must now focus on protecting high-risk groups rather than daily case numbers, so the classification of the virus will be raised from level 2 to level 4, which will mean a transition to a normal state, the center said. System, health, he explained.

Level 4 is the lowest in the country, Comparable to other diseases such as influenza, while the second category includes other diseases such as tuberculosis, measles or cholera, which force health authorities to isolate sick people.

South Korea is thus following in the footsteps of its neighbor Japan, In May 2023, the country equated Covid-19 with seasonal flu and eased its special health measures, such as quarantine recommendations, along with those of other countries that had made this decision before.

Love (EFE, KBS, Yonhap)

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