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Soy El Mejor: Isabel Mestanza captivates the jury with her interpretation of Shakira but the audience saves Samantha Gray and her Camila Cabello show | Television | Entertainment

In the program, four participants danced in the danger zone. Now, Mestanza and José Andrés Caballero will have to face each other on elimination day.

They offered four performances worthy of a final. So they affirmed Yadira Ramón, Francisco Pinoargotti Y Maria Fernanda Ríos, program judges I’m the best, of TC Television. In this Wednesday’s program, four of the competitors were risking their permanence in production. Sofía Caiche, Isabel Mestanza, Samantha Gray Y Jorge Heredia they danced when sent to the Danger Zone.

Although it is true, each of them has stood out in previous presentations, the jury agreed that in their previous shows they did not perform on stage as they should. They appeared live with more force, correcting the flaws in costume, choreography and interpretation that did not convince before.

Caiche was the first to dance. He characterized the Mexican Gloria Trevi. Their number, like that of their other colleagues, compiled a choreography with a selection of successful songs by the artist they were interpreting. With their eyes closed, they all look at me Y Free hair they were part of the repertoire that shaped his dance number.

“You did very well today, as you should have done from the beginning”; Ramón said about the performance of the actress, who was saved from going to elimination day by the competition judges.

Mestanza garnered praise from the jury with her near-perfect portrayal of Colombian diva Shakira. Dressed in an outfit similar to those worn by the Barranquilla during her El Dorado World Tour concert tour, Mestanza also offered a show based on a medley of themes by the artist accompanied by a corps de ballet.

Pinoargotti was the first to highlight his performance on stage, as he regularly does every time he performs, for the dedication he makes in his presentations. “Today there was the essence of Shakira, in the previous issue there was not,” said Ramón, who was supported in his evaluation by Ríos, who agreed with her.

Samantha Gray who was strongly criticized by Ríos in her first installment of the show as Camila Cabello made several changes, according to the recommendations of the jury. He appeared with a prosthetic nose, to achieve a more real resemblance to the Cuban-American singer-songwriter.

Heredia followed him on stage, who, characterizing Pitbull, put together a spectacular scenography, with Miguel Cedeño, a journalist for the channel, and frequent assistant to the production as a guest. Their show, according to the judges, was of such a good level that the three judges asserted that they should not be fighting their permanence, referring to the mistakes they make and put them at a disadvantage compared to others. The also reporter and presenter of the morning De Casa en casa was saved by a vote of his peers.

Near the end of the show, Mestanza and Gray were waiting for the public vote. Viewers saved Gray with 53.91% of digital votes compared to 46.09% received by Mestanza. That score led her to Elimination Day along with actor José Andrés Caballero. (I)

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