Spain and Italy are hindering the progress of the COVID-19


Spain and Italy started the week with the hope of achieving a slowing of the pandemic, which placed the two nations in second and third place at the global level in cases of infection resgistrados of COVID-19.

Spain enters this Monday in its fourth week of confinement with a balance of 12 thousand 641 people killed with coronaviruswhile it is the second country in number of cases with 131 thousand 646 infectedbehind only the united States that presents 337 thousand 646 cases.

The trend continues to the downside after reaching the peak on the 2nd of April with 950 dead, said RTVE.

Spain is working on the rapid detection of the COVID-19 between positive cases asymptomatic to slow down the progression of a coronavirus, for which a million of test will be distributed.

The intention of the Spanish Government, is to isolate them to contain further spread of the disease.

The figure of 674 deaths in the last 24 hours is the lowest in 10 days, so that there appears a slowdown of the pandemic.

Meanwhile, Italy recorded this Sunday 525 deaths in 24 hours, the lowest figure of the deceased in three weeks and that amounted to 15 thousand 887addition of 500 nurses were recruited to alleviate the crisis of the coronavirus in the region of Bologna, the most affected by the pandemic.

According to the minister of Health Italian, Roberto Speranza, they will have to live with the coronavirus until there is a vaccine, highlights Euronews.

The authorities contemplate a plan of action for health include the creation of new hospitals and the launch of an application that will control the movements of the new infected.

According to the university of medicine Johns Hopkins until the date add up to a million 277 thousand 962 cases of infection of the coronavirus COVID-19 at the global level, while 69 thousand 555 people have been killed.



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