Spain enacted “hibernation” of the economy by coronavirus


The Spanish government decreed “the hibernation of the economy” due to the hardening of the confinement caused by the pandemic of the new strain of coronavirus.

“The closer we are to bend the curve but we need an additional effort”

The Council of Ministers, in extraordinary session, approved the measure in order to avoid the collapse of health care, while at the same time, the minister’s spokesman, María Jesús Montero confirmed that all workers are non-essential will stay at home from Monday morning, measure meant to “gain time” and to remove pressure on the health care system.

By using this “hibernation” only the essential sectors may continue to work, as well as those activities where they already apply or may apply to work from home.

“The sacrifice of all is allowing it to save lives. The closer we are to bend the curve but we need an extra effort,” said Montero, who added that it is essential to reduce to the maximum the mobility of Monday to Friday to “defeat the virus.”

Spain recorded 838 deaths in 24 hours, a record in the number of victims in a single dayabove that of the 832 that were reported this Saturday.

In total, six thousand 531 people have lost their lives so far in the country, while 78 thousand 797 have been infected.

Of these, 43 thousand 397 people have required hospitalization, four thousand and 907 have been admitted to intensive care and 14 thousand 709 have been cured, according to the latest report of the Ministry of Health and the autonomous communities.

“The increase of new infections takes a few days to drop. Today is nine percent, but you must be careful, because being the weekend there may be a delay“said Fernando Simon, director of the Center for Coordination of Health Emergencies.



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