Spain tour begins La Nuova Ferrara

Ferrara The Piccoli Cantori di San Francesco choir, led by Father Orazio Bruno, is heading to Barcelona for a series of concerts.

In a long tour starting on August 17 and ending on the 24th of the month, Piccoli Cantori’s protagonists will perform at four important concerts, but will also allow the singers and accompanying families to visit some cities in Spain, thus combining business with pleasure.

The chorus for this occasion will not be complete, but will be formed by Abdalrahman Marko, Giulia Accorsi, Pietro Accorsi, Ariana Argentino, Anna Bega, Giulia Bega, Sofia Bega, Rita Chiarion, Beatriz Cornelio, Riccardo Fersini, Lucia Fortini, Andriana Janiek, Marisol Madeo, Zach Madeo, Camilla Spirito, Adele Spirito and Victoria Tanko, to which were added 24 members of the family, of course, Father Orazio, who leads them, and 7 other organizers, a total of 41 people. The enthusiasm that always accompanies these initiatives, which were common before the pandemic and which thankfully resumed after Covid, overcomes many obstacles, such as the early rise required for the departure, scheduled for approximately 1:45 on Thursday, August 17, in front of the park Pareski. After four stops, including the last at 16:00, they will arrive in Coma Ruga (Barcelona) at 19:00, where they will have dinner and then finally go to bed. Saturday 19th, after a morning on the beach and lunch at the hotel, we set off for Barcelona, ​​where at 20:00 the first concert will take place in the unusual church of the Sagrada Familia. Sunday 20 will be a day dedicated to tourism and the destination will once again be Barcelona and its beauties. The second concert will take place on Monday the 21st at 20:00 in Vilanova i la Geltru and the third, again at 20:00, in L’Ampolla and the fourth, at 21:00 at the Coma Ruga venue, to it was convenient to pack our bags for the return. in Ferrara. Thursday 24 departure at 6 and after the usual stops, arrival is scheduled for 23.

The Piccoli Cantori di San Francesco were founded as a choral group in October 1975 in the Basilica of San Francesco in Ferrara at the behest of Father Horazio Bruno. The choir consists of fifty boys and girls from the city or province, aged 6 to 16.

The choir performs with concerts and worship services throughout the country and the country, as well as abroad, offering a repertoire that includes spiritual and secular, classical and modern motifs. The experience accumulated by the group spans more than forty years: hundreds of concerts, especially in many Italian cities, as well as significant television experience, appearing several times on national networks in the context of programs dedicated to children and, of course, on local television.

The choir has recorded about fifty albums, including records, cassettes and CDs, and over the years has also successfully collaborated with well-known publishers such as De Vecchi from Milan, on whose behalf it has recorded CDs of Christmas songs on various languages, Editrice La Scuola, for which he has recorded about ten cassettes in the past and, more recently, another ten CDs in twenty years of collaboration; finally, Mondatori, with whom he participated in various recordings.

Piccoli Cantori di San Francesco also boasts of belonging to the Pueri Cantores International Federation and has participated in international exhibitions in Spain, France and Holland. Of great emotional importance were two performances before Pope John Paul II when they were in an audience with Pope Francis.

“There are very few formations like ours,” says Father Orazio, “in Italy, and therefore I always prepare new singers with enthusiasm and joy and follow the already experienced ones, some of whom are even the children of the first singers.”

Margaret Goberti


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