Spain’s worst water parasite outbreak

There have been 446 cases of gastroenteritis in Tarazona, an area affected by an outbreak caused by the presence of Cryptosporidium protozoa in the water. Tarazona still maintains restrictions on saliva due to an outbreak of gastroenteritis in the town since September 12 of last year. The outbreak was detected last week coming from the Quails River and the focus will be identified by segmentation.

Most of those affected were in Tarazona, except for eight people in the neighboring town of Novaras. On the other hand, the municipalities of Los Fayos and Torreras have also expanded restrictions on the use of their water supplies due to the discovery of parasite cysts in the reaches of the Quiles River where they are fed. Gastroenteritis case report.

Symptoms in those affected include diarrhea, abdominal cramps and fever, which accounted for 55% of cases reported in Spain in 2022, according to the National Epidemiological Surveillance Network.

It was reported at a press conference that Ceprona had investigated the possible origin of the outbreak and “nothing strange was found that would lead us to suspect that any leakage or illegal activity had occurred on the river banks.” Held in Tarazona on Monday A meeting of the Public Administration decided to divide the channel of the River Quils into several sections in order to search more intensively during the week for the cause of the outbreak of gastroenteritis, which has affected Turia since last weekend, September 9 and 10 Pine City and has spread to other locations.

As a precautionary measure, we have contacted the neighboring autonomous communities of Navarra and Castile and León. Likewise, investigations into where and how the water contamination occurred continue as this has been identified as a transmission channel. The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Ecological Transition were also contacted.

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