Spaniards recommend 10 tips for a good night’s sleep in Spain this summer

with the arrival of summer Spain hit by huge heatwave.Several places still at risk for heat this week temperature from 36 to 38 degreesAccording to the National Weather Service (Aemet).It is these fields Murcia, Seville, Jaén, Córdoba, Albacete and Valencia, Guadalquivir, south of the Levante and southeast inland, Balearic Islands, Huelva coast, Channel, Canary Islands, western Cantabria, Alborran, eastern Iberia and southeastern peninsula.

It could also lead to El Niño, which has been active for months and leads to Sea water warms. To this end, Aemet requested the Spanish be prepared, although the current El Niño phenomenon has reached the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.The latter just registered Record temperature. The Met Office has announced that sea surface temperatures for April and May will be The “highest” in the past two months.

With all this in mind, Alvaro Casares (@alvarocasaress) In his popular TikTok video, he recommends a series of 10 sleep tips for “as of May 40” in Spain. “Freeze sheets for 30 minuteswith fan ice, welcome to the igloo,” he began.

10 tips for @alvarocasaress to sleep in Spain from May 40 #españa #dormir #verano2023 #calor #camas ♬ Summer is here – La Banda Latina

“If you don’t return ID“Well, you’re not Spanish,” he said, referring to turning the pillow over and resting his head on the cool side.Casares went on to list a series of techniques such as ‘Turn off the heat lights’, sleep at a distance or alone: “I will do the same in winter.”

express during the day, “Blind, like Pereo, all the way down”. Cotton clothing, on the other hand, is “better than naked because it sweats”.is also essential Sleep “one foot in, one foot out” and eat a light dinner, which means joking while eating pizza.and don’t forget “warm shower”.

“I always shower with cold water”

This video has exceeded 50,000 “Likes” and 200+ Comments. Those users who identify with Douyin stand out: “Totally a pillow”, “Totally agree”, “I always shower in cold water, even in winter. It’s the custom” Or “I do everything, and the pillow”.

(Douyin shows what happened in the cruise ship elevator, the video has 28 million views)

Some even wrote about their advice: “Use a fan with ice…I’m freaking out, I don’t know”, “I live in Malaga and I never think about pillows” or “I’ll write down the ice”.

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