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Spanish documentary on Bitcoin raises 320,000 euros in record time

The second feature film by the Spanish filmmaker Ana Ramón Rubio, Bull run, is a film about bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies that achieved an important milestone in the film industry: on Monday, September 20, it raised the necessary capital for its realization, through a tokenization process.

For the financing of Bull run, 475,000 BULL tokens were issued on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), of which 95,000, 20%, were delivered to the production team. The remaining 380,000 tokens were put up for sale on BSC last Monday, at a price of 1 USDT per token.

“All the tokens were sold in a few hours,” Miguel Caballero, the CEO and co-founder of Tutellus, the collaborative learning platform that is sponsoring the film, told CriptoNoticias. Caballero explains that the budget for the production of Bull run It is 320,000 euros and it is already covered, so the filming of the feature film can begin in October. The premiere of the film is scheduled for mid-2022.

Regarding the sale of the BULL tokens, this was mostly promoted in the Tutellus community and it was a private sale. The appreciation of the tokens is not derived from the game of supply and demand, but from the anticipated income from sponsorships and from the commercialization of the film between the various streaming platforms, Caballero said.

Caballero and Ana Ramón Rubio interacted in an explanatory video of the project, together with the producer Juanjo Moscardó Rius and the brothers Javier and Carlos Celorrio, responsible for the collection for the production of the documentary. The filmmaker represents herself in the film, and recounts how he became extremely fond of cryptocurrencies during the pandemic. Her husband deceives her to the psychologist and Ana decides to make a documentary about the bitcoin fever. Ana’s father, an economist, wants at all costs to prevent his daughter from going bankrupt in a market she does not understand.

As can be seen, it is a self-referential story, based on the real experiences of the protagonists, which combines humor with appearances by Bitcoin experts, to bring valid information about the world of cryptocurrencies to the audience. The messy process of the documentary recording is also reflected, with a bitcoiner technical team, more aware that Bitcoin undertakes a long-awaited bullish break, than of the cinematographic work.

Tokenization and financing of film projects

Moscardó referred to the conventional process of seeking financing in the film industry, which is a very slow process. “We knew that the time to market was now, so the tokenization of the film was something forced to shorten the traditional times of film production in Spain, where obtaining financing for a film can take years,” said Moscardó.

he production company Cosabona Films presents the production schedule as a trading chart. Source: Cosabona Films.

The intention of the producers is to include in the tape the opinions of relevant people from the bitcoin and cryptocurrency ecosystem. Contacts have been made to obtain participation in the film of Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum and the president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, given this country’s recent decision to grant bitcoin legal tender status. Of the 20 days scheduled for filming, five will be dedicated to scenes in Argentina and El Salvador, Moscardó said.

Covadonga Fernández, director of the Blockchain Observatory and who was a columnist for CriptoNoticias, has been very close to this project. «What has been achieved with Bull run, is the reliable proof that the good promises of technology are being fulfilled. For this reason, it is very important for me to be linked to this project, which is also done in Spanish and by an incredible filmmaker, how is Ana, ”says Fernández. Miguel Caballero, adds Fernández, is among the first to open the path of tokenization in Spain.

Expected returns for BULL holders

The distribution of the documentary in the market is expected to take place in a period of four years. In that period there is a series of anticipated income that will feed a growing cash flow, which will generate an appreciation of the tokens, explains Moscardó.

Among the most important revenues are the sponsorships of companies in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, which would appear in the documentary through the promotional introduction of products and services in the documentary. Miguel Caballero points out that the main exchanges, including Binance, have been contacted, although there are also providers, for example, of hardware wallets, as potential sponsors. The sale of the film to streaming platforms, such as Netflix or HBO Go, is also considered among the significant revenues.

The accumulated cash at the end of 2025, using very conservative estimates, could be around EUR 650,000, estimates Moscardó. Profits go to BULL holders, from whom tokens are purchased at a price that reflects accumulated profit, says the producer.

The holders with the highest number of tokens, more than 25,000, can appear in the film, although it would not be the 15-minute span of fame that Andy Warhol alluded to, but if they have 1 minute to do or say what they want. For the other holders there are privileges, according to what has been withheld, such as a double invitation for the preview, to go one day to the filming of the documentary, or to participate as an extra.

Among the films about bitcoin already made, although with traditional financing, CriptoNoticias commented on five of them in a March 2020 article. More recently, this medium reported that the film Zero Contact, a production of Endreby Entertainment, starring Anthony Hopkins, was It will debut as a non-fungible token on the NFT VUELE platform.

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