Spanish health department reminds Tenerife residents of forest fire smoke event advice

The Public Health Directorate of the Canary Islands Health Service (SCS) reminds the population of the main recommendations to be considered in the event of forest fires such as those currently occurring on Tenerife.

In this sense, experts insist that smoke from forest fires, which consists of a mixture of gases and small particles emitted when vegetation, building materials and other types of materials are burned, can have respiratory effects on healthy and vulnerable populations.

In view of this situation and the large amount of smoke and ash, we have issued a series of recommendations to residents living in areas near the forest fires in Arafford and Candelaria, the Ministry of Health said.

Therefore, these recommendations are aimed at groups that are sensitive and at high risk for these conditions, such as those with respiratory or heart conditions such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, and emphysema; children, pregnant women, and the elderly; and those who engage in strenuous physical exertion Active people.

The main symptoms these people may experience are coughing, irritation of the eyes, nose or throat; difficulty breathing deeply; chest discomfort; palpitations, fatigue and worsening of symptoms in those with pre-existing respiratory or heart disease.


Therefore, avoid staying outside, engaging in strenuous or prolonged physical activity; close doors and windows, and if you have air conditioning, put it on recirculation mode and clean the filters.

Outdoors, an FFP2 mask is recommended to avoid respiratory problems and to protect the eyes as much as possible, washing the eyes if necessary.

Likewise, special attention is urged to pay attention to the instructions they receive from civil protection authorities.

In case of emergency you must call the Canary Islands Government’s emergency number 1-1-2 and in case of doubt you must dial 012 (922 470 012).

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