Spanish Hospital, as without capacity to meet patients Covid-19


The Spanish Hospital announced it was left without the capacity to care for severe patients with Covid-19so that invited the public for these services not to come to the clinic, however, emphasized that the medical unit continues to receive to people with other ailments.

“We inform you that we have exceeded our capacity to serve patients with Covid-19, so we don’T have beds available,” indicates a sign placed on the premises of the Hospital.

According to administrative staff and health hospital, to the day of today no longer have beds in intensive therapy, so that in the event of receiving a patient with the new coronavirus that is put serious, would have no way of taking care of you.

In addition, in the space, Tying up loose Ends with Denise Maerker, the doctor Jaime Fandiño said that in the last 48 hours, the Spanish Hospital had a large influx of severely ill patients with covid, “to our surprise arriving too serious, and almost all of them require the aid of ventilatory support,” he said.

Despite these data, when talking to the medical unit is informed that they are still receiving patients Covid in the area of emergency.

“Patients are admitted by the area of the emergency room, value to know if you are going to isolation or intensive therapy. Now, handle different deposits, if it is isolation, the family must deposit 100 thousand pesos, itself refers to intensive therapy with ventilator and all the equipment, the deposit is 220 thousand pesos.”

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